Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

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If you had to pick, what would be your preferred setup? Regular or fantasy cricket? Guess everyone’s preferences and choices should be respected. But have you ever tried this on a cricket app?

If not, you are missing more fun and opportunities than you can imagine. Just look at the advanced applications, for instance, once you download 1xbet app, what other experience can compare? Simply none, and it getting better with the steadily improving technology.

It is exciting, action-packed and most of all, highly rewarding within a shorter period. We will explain everything here for those unaware of this evolving market. The discussion is mainly focusing on how to make money from fantasy cricket.

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Even though we have tuned this review to feature a lot of beginner content, a good amount of the information could help experienced investors level up their work.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Wondering what this avenue entails? Don’t worry, it does not have the traditional sportsbook in control.

You know, with normal cricket betting, punters face the treacherous books which have predetermined odds sourced from the provider’s systems. We label them so because the bookies always try to create an unfair edge leaving players at a disadvantage.

Anyway, let’s have fantasy cricket explained in a few bullets:

  1. You create a virtual team by picking players from both sides.
  2. Garnered points depend on performance of each included squad member.
  3. You play fantasy cricket to win an ultimate league prize or a particular match.
  4. Compensation is calculated based on the accumulated points and invested cash (that’s the stake).

Therefore, unlike the regular line’s wagering approach, cricket fantasy gaming gives total control. You are more of a manager, with a selected team consisting of specific players that one thinks will perform well in an upcoming event.

How to Start your Fantasy Cricket career?

The sport is always glorified across the country and remains atop the rest in rankings. It is the number one activity in India, with regards to the number of followers, and ranks 4th worldwide.

That’s why locating and preparing a worthwhile fantasy cricket prediction should be a cinch for everyone. This also explains the locals’ in-depth understanding of the game from a considerably early age.

Below is the way to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily:

  1. First join a bookmaker that supports this version or form of the game. There are many firms rolling out the market today, including 1xbet.
  2. Visit the fantasy section to view its scope.
  3. Choose your players from any of the two meeting teams on the regular cricket line.
  4. Select a captain to lead your 11-men squad.
  5. Enter one of the available fantasy cricket leagues.
  6. Access the dashboard to see the team’s progress as per the scored points.

Based on its definition, in our previous section, this event presents a rare chance for us to make money and be entertained. It’s all about knowing the players, their qualities, form, strengths, weaknesses and other vital details.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

This version of cricket is gaining popularity not only in India, but also allover the world. As you already know, fantasy cricket requires a great deal of knowledge and general understanding of key players. Additionally, it is based on current performances of the selected squad.

fantasy cricket

Therefore, what is needed to excel in this market? First you must know that they all revolve around the team – player portfolio, recent performance and top talents. Here are the pro fantasy cricket tips and tricks:

  1. Consider and analyze each player’s effectiveness over the last couple of games. Stick to a few games back and not months back.
  2. Analyze the pitch conditions and factor in the weather fantasy cricket news.
  3. Balance between form and potential.
  4. Select bowlers who guarantee a few wickets.
  5. Include top order batters.
  6. Try to join several tournaments.

Every passionate follower understands the factors influencing their ability to make perfect online fantasy cricket predictions. The normal wagering requirements and skill sets apply but the setting is quite different here.

Yes, it could turn into a goldmine but how about the many landmines and risky activities involved? Luckily, our fantasy cricket winning tips will give you an upper hand once strictly followed.

Vital Benefits of Fantasy Cricket

The positives range from emotional, psychological and tend towards financial gains. It is not only about the winning, but also incorporates management and self-restraint tests. Fantasy cricket will boost your critical thinking, decision making, financial control and other personal aspects.

Apart from these individual skills and experience development pros, there is more to take home from the daily fantasy cricket involvement. In summary, these include:

  1. Understand and make a deeper connection to the game.
  2. Win big prizes and cash amounts.
  3. Makes you a better planner and manager.
  4. It is convenient as you can play anytime without relying on the standard schedules. A fantasy cricket league is not limited to match delays or fixture changes.

Basically, there is more to the highlighted advantages and you can even use these fantasy cricket tips for today match.

Reasons to Play Fantasy Cricket

Every cricket fantasy league brings some level of satisfaction or resilience to the manager’s mind. With this being your role, you are definitely looking at the fulfillment, toughening, and most importantly, intelligence feel. You don’t have to become a professional couch or manager in real life, but the same expertise and operations can be under your control while behind the computer.

Most of our countrymen and women love this sport. But very few make it to professional cricketers’ level and lifestyles. That’s because our career paths and destinies are changed by responsibilities and other commitments. However, the fun shouldn’t stop and that’s one of the reasons why you should play fantasy cricket. Remaining in connection with your favorite sport and feeling like a part of the cricketing community.

You can also venture in online fantasy cricket for the financial and awards gains. Although some platforms only offer for-fun games, others like 1xbet have monetized this activity. They have valid markets and extensive lines in their fantasy cricket app to support real money betting.

What Is IPL Fantasy?

Have you heard of the FPL (Fantasy Premier League) game where football fans apply similar concepts to win prizes and tickets to big matches? The IPL fantasy league also promotes the same strategies to play 11 men featured in the league. It is just like the other virtual sports but specifically focused on the top Indian league.

The most important part involves team selection and having the latest updates about the real team persons. Hence, the importance of using IPL fantasy apps is highly reflected. Being an actual competition, this league is managed and run by the IPL officials as they aim to heighten users’ experience.

fantasy cricket app

You can play IPL fantasy cricket and win cash daily or be compensated in presents that can be sold to generate cash. Today’s rewarding approach features a “season long” plan whereby you create a team for the whole league and start playing.

IPL fantasy T20 cricket prizes are given to the top 50 players. If you are ranked first, you win an autographed jersey from each team, autographed bat, Toss Coin from VIVO IPL final match, and a VIVO smartphone. Those ranked from 2nd to 50 will get a VIVO Smart Phone. Apart from these Dream11-powered you can earn money from bookmakers with this market featured.

Detailed Player Statistics

This is a paramount stage when building a fantasy cricket team. The initial scorecard and form rating will determine how well the player can adapt to new features. It takes a small change to make an amateur the expert in this game. While some players don’t need improvements, you must consider their contribution to your cumulative score.

For instance, if one has always been a top order batter, what makes you think they can’t save the team in bowling positions? Other fantasy cricket stats to consider are:

  1. Average run rates – can they outrun your opponents.
  2. Economy rate – how many times they are caught out of possession.
  3. Strike rate – is you fantasy cricket team creating chances and striking or they are not a threat to other squads.
  4. Analyze their control.
  5. Consider the partnerships. This shows whether one is a team player and works with others to achieve positive results.

Those are some of the fantasy cricket player statistics to consider. You can however follow the full scorecard and previews to get stronger insights into their abilities.

Pre-Match Analysis

Alongside the regular cricket predictions, some tipsters add the fantasy tips to their scope. They mostly include pitch reports, team selection, injuries, previews and other essential details. Conducting your pre-match analysis could be highly facilitated by the stats and live reports of various matches. Apart from the prediction platforms, some bookies also avail a detailed report and summary of how each side performed over the last few matches.


  • How Do You participate in Fantasy Cricket?

    It is simple – you create a virtual team consisting of players you believe to be the best, join a league and start controlling your first XI. The easy part is that of getting started. But how about maintain some consistency in your fantasy cricket portfolio? The latter now calls for more expertise and detail-orientation. You have to be the best and execute vital team decisions in a timely and effective manner.

  • Is Fantasy Cricket Legal?

    Our country laws for gambling don’t apply to the fantasy sector. These are considered to be computer games and not banned allover the country. However, some states view them as gambling especially when provided by betting companies. That’s why it might be illegal to explore the markets in seven states. Due to the loophole in our national and local legal framework on gambling, the ban is not practically implemented. Therefore, you can still play from every region of the country and no legal action will be taken against you.

  • Is Gamezy Safe for Fantasy Cricket fanatics?

    When it comes to making money, this is not where you will end up rich. It is actually real and trusted by thousands of fantasy cricket fans. Its safety has been deemed doubtful by some while others pledge their full support. However, like any other platform with wagering products, you must be extremely careful when running key transactions. It is multilinguistic, support live fantasy cricket, has several payment methods, and avails a verity of contests.

  • How can I win from Fantasy Cricket?

    The bottom line is investing in your assets’ acquisition and squad upgrades. Every fantasy cricket player aspect count; hence one must consider motivated, established, talented and top form cricketers. Every run, strike, bowl and fall will contribute to your aggregate score and position among hundreds of the other fantasy cricket teams. Therefore, it has never been a smooth ride for any manager and same effort is required as that of an infield couch. Additionally, the squad news and updates must be taken into consideration while overall team developments may also affect your tally. There is more to consider for you to have the best fantasy cricket team which include; selecting top order batsmen, having the best bowlers, balancing the batsmen and bowlers, create multiple teams, join more than one contests and follow daily match predictions. Away from that, you can also win fantasy cricket leagues and games through precision. Make sure the right people are in your starting team and handle the substitutions with due diligence.

  • What Popular Topics on Fantasy Cricket?

    As people seek to learn more about this avenue, we have established some of the hot searches. These include the tricks and tactics, how to make money from this event, selecting a good team, right combination of player roles and IPL fantasy cricket, among others. Players also search for player’s personal profiles and the day’s matches from various leagues. For bloggers and reviewers, the best fantasy cricket topics to write about include; analysis of cricketers, listing players, trending cricket news, and comparison of playmakers.

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