Personal Information
Born14 October 1981
Birth PlaceNew Delhi
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
RoleLeft-handed Batsman
Political party

Bharatiya Janata Party



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Gautam Gambhir Profile

Gautam Gambhir is an Indian politician and former cricketer. The fate of this young man was ambiguous, throwing him from doubts to successes and vice versa. Nevertheless, it is worth talking about this man, especially since there are many fans around the world who will be interested in exactly how his life developed and how he could become a star of this sport. The former athlete is now pursuing his political career, within the framework of which he is rooting for his native country and fellow citizens. He has quite high ratings, he is loved and revered not only by fans from his past sports life, but also by those who learned about him only as a politician. The young man adheres to liberal views and wants to lead his country to prosperity. In many areas, he has already managed to achieve success.

Some interesting facts from his professional career

Live reports and numerous reruns, interspersed with analytical talk shows - well, like those that we had during the recent world soccer championship. In fact, the game is very curious and entertaining. Although, IMHO, baseball (real from MLB) will still be more dynamic and more exciting. Even that pair of young intelligent-looking people who had a sad conversation about the fate of India on the Raipur-Bhubaneswar train eventually switched to cricket and spent much more time discussing the game "Dean Chargers". Gautam Gambhir jersey number is 23 and 5.

Beginning of our hero's career and how his first successes in sports developed

That such archaism is simply incompatible with modern professional sports, which have long become an integral part of the television industry. Cricket bosses understand this and are trying to do something. Gautam Gambhir Twitter has amassed a large number of subscribers. In the 60s, a one-day format was invented, when the match was played during daylight hours, and at the beginning of the 21st century, the T20 format was created, which made it possible to hold matches in 2-3 hours - and this is already suitable for TV people and sponsors.

Unsurprisingly, the T20 format is rapidly gaining popularity, despite the nagging of conservatives. Now about the game itself. Well, those familiar with baseball will quickly understand. The cricket field is grassy, ​​large and oval. A one-day match comes in two flavors: time-limited cricket, where a certain number of hours are allotted, and each team player makes two hits. The second option limits how many times the commands are changed. That is, first one team plays, then another, moreover, each of the teams makes a predetermined number of throws.

Until now, many historians are debating how exactly playing cricket was able to integrate into the history of India. The fact is that if it were not for English colonization, then it is unlikely that a culture would appear in this country to play this game. As in many other countries, England imposed many of its sports. And although it may seem inhuman, it has led to positive results in the long term. Well, what is even more interesting, my nerves did not see so many major sports stars if at one time the British carried out a colonialist policy.

This is a truly outstanding player who has already gone down in the history of Indian cricket. It's hard to imagine how he managed to score over 300 runs in 4 test runs in a row. Not everyone can demonstrate what results. Now there is a rating that was made in Twenty20 Internationals. Gautam Gambhir IPL has an excellent performance. There is also an analogue of a baseball home run - 4 wounds are awarded automatically if the ball flies out of the field, touching the ground, 6 wounds - if through the air.

Personal life and facts from childhood

Not much is known about the facts from his childhood. Formal only know that their family had only two children. He is not the only child in the family; later his parents had a girl. 17 days after his birth, the boy's grandparents took him into their family and raised him as a son. No one has ever given a specific explanation for this event, but many believe that the reason was the financial situation of the family. Perhaps, if they were a little better off, they would not have had to take this desperate step. Nevertheless, everyone managed to maintain good relations and now, when such problems no longer exist, they are all friends and communicate well. Moreover, the grandparents simply treated the boy well and raised him better than as just a family member. After all, what could his parents do if they spent most of their time at work?

Grandmother and grandfather, in turn, were happy with such a gift and took the child for upbringing. No one even knows how his fate would have developed, and he has a station with his own parents. Perhaps the world would not have received a brace star if the circumstances had developed in a different way. Gautam Gambhir net worth is $21 million. No one still knows what caused these events, well, there are rumors that his family was in a difficult financial situation and his parents did not have enough funds to raise both children.

Therefore, grandparents came to the rescue who raised a boy who later became a world cricket star. The boy began to show interest in sports early enough. But they recorded him playing cricket only when he was 10 years old. He has a secondary education, graduated from a regular school and also attended college at a university in Delhi. It is also known that as a teenager, he sometimes rested in the residence of his maternal uncle. Pavana Gulati - that was the name of his uncle, he loved to spend a lot of time with his nephew, which allowed them to get closer later.

Gambhir himself, in many of his interviews, repeatedly said that his uncle became his spiritual mentor in many ways. And when a player faced a serious choice in his life, he always called his uncle to consult with him. Due to his tenacity and fanatical approach to business, he has been noticed by many influential people. When he turned 30, he married Natasha Jain, who belonged to a well-known family of businessmen. Their wedding took place in October 2011. Gautam Gambhir records list can be studied on the website.

Leaving big sports and starting politics

In a way, the first problems started in 2016. In the same year, he decided to step down as commander, citing “divisions within the group” and “declining quality of teamwork” as the reasons. The first reason was the changes in the team, our hero was no longer satisfied with the quality of the participants' play, and not seeing any ways to solve this problem, he decided to leave it. Two years later, he made an official announcement that he was leaving the sport for good and going into politics. Subsequently, throughout his life path, he was able to form many useful connections with influential people who actively helped him move up the career ladder.

Of course, you cannot write off the accounts of the act so that you train long and hard. And in many ways, if not for his fanatical approach, then he would not have been able to achieve such heights in sports. Now his personal life is much happier, because he is married to a girl from a wealthy and influential family. He preferred a career as a politician to big sports. This happens quite often when players from big sports try themselves in the careers of politicians. This is mainly due to the fact that the name is familiar to such a concept as hard work, they, like no one else, know the problems of people who live from other classes.

Seeing the situation through and through is exactly what it is; in reality, they are able to make many correct and useful decisions. And only discipline and a competent approach to business give them a real opportunity to achieve great success in this direction. The hero of our story was no exception. Therefore, we can only wish him success. And also to see how he brings even more benefits to his home country. His political career began in 2019. He does not hesitate to comment on and criticize the governing power, exposing and pointing out their shortcomings. For example, his message recently caused a great resonance in the public that he was dissatisfied with the inspector of the parties because she did not see enough attention in the fight against coronavirus.

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