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After so much wait, the Indibet app is finally here. We talk about the largest bookmaker in India and their newly launched application. The app had been rumored to be in the works but now that it’s finally here, it’s a bit underwhelming. Where did they go right and where wrong? In as much as they have a website, an app is a must-see option for some punters. Looking at it, with the popularity of mobile phones, it was an eventuality that was bound to come sooner rather than later.

Advantages of using the Indibet App

  • Installation was rather quick. The installation doesn't require too much technical skill.
  • The app has optional notifications for upcoming events and fixtures. It also gives you notifications on bet slip results.
  • The application consumes a fewer amount of internet data and does not require that fast an internet connection.
  • For one-handed use, navigation is increasingly ergonomic, fluid and more natural as compared to their web platform.

Disadvantages of the Indibet app

  • Interactive features are missing. Simplified is what you’d call it lacking less used features.
  • During its use, it unexpectedly froze and was relaunched. More effort needs to be put into fixing known bugs.

Getting the Indibet apk file on your device

During our testing process, the app was effortlessly found. Indibet plays host. Locating the file is a breeze, just going to the Downloads page reveals all the files. Downloading Indibet couldn’t be any more facile. You simply navigate to their downloads section and select the one you want to install. When we selected the one we wanted, a security warning came up. It notified us of the potential harm the unknown app could inflict on our system. The security warning informs the user that the application poses potential harm to their systems. We know where the app is from, so saving it is only the natural choice. It is then downloaded promptly or as fast as your internet connection allows.

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How to disable security for any phone

Trying to run the apk installation proved a bust. Android disables this by default. This setting acts as a failsafe against potentially malicious apps. Before any installation, some changes need to be made. The Security of our phone was modified during our installation attempt, blocked at first, but was redirected where to disable it nonetheless. An alternative route exists besides this roundabout way we used. We give you a detailed procedure below on the other option:

  1. Scroll down from the top of your device and click the cog-shaped button. This opens the settings.
  2. Scroll down to the app management section
  3. Grant your browser the security permissions to install any apk file downloaded.
  4. Under the permissions tab, check the box marked install apps. That is all there is to it.

Installation procedure

A simple installation process was included by the developers. A lightweight app also takes little to no time to install, Indibet being proof of that. All in all, the developers took a lot of time and effort into creating this masterpiece and getting the balance just right. The app lists the permissions needed to operate on the device. Click next to proceed with the installation. When the installation is done, the user will be provided with an option to run after a successful install. A login screen greets a user on launch. Bypassing this takes you to their marketplace but you won’t be able to wager until you do.

System requirements for Android installation and operation

India is one of the most populated nations in the world with a population exceeding 1 billion. Assuming everyone would access similar devices and have similar backgrounds would be preposterous. As such, it became their goal to support as many devices as possible. Indibet developed a lightweight application capable of running on several devices. With little strain on device resources, the app runs smoothly with no lags or crashes which can be extremely disruptive. Some of what your phone needs include:

• RAM 512MB

• Single core or multicore processor with at least a processing speed of at least 1 GHz

• Operating system of at least Android 4.4.2. KitKat

• 3G internet connection

List of Devices Supported by the Indibet app

Support for the app is wide and encompasses a diverse and myriad collection of devices. With the priority on inclusion, the development team thought it fit to at least provide backwards compatibility with much older android versions. Support goes as far back as KitKat which is a shame for devices using ice cream sandwich or a much older version of Android. Despite this leaving out the option of the latest features, it at least guarantees people with much older smartphones get in on the action. The app can be run on all major popular brands and supports both x86 and ARM technology. Brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Infinix and Tecno to name a few run it just fine.

Getting the Indibet app on Apple Devices

We had no trouble locating the app, just visit the app store. To install the iOS app:

  1. Click on the app store icon to launch the application on your iOS device
  2. Type in the words Indibet on the search bar to find it
  3. Clicking the icon takes you to a screen where you can find a detailed review and description of it from customers.
  4. We clicked the install button to install the app and launched it just fine.

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Getting the latest version of the app

Sometimes applications have security vulnerabilities and bugs. It’s not uncommon to find such cases and the developers provide fixes for such things in form of updates. At some point during our review, we wanted to update the application. One way we found out, is reinstallation. An apk file was saved to our device and was installed over the existing one. It also came to light, updates can occur in-app. A notification emerged during regular use. Clicking it took us to an update screen.

Launching Mobile version of Indibet

It would be an understatement to say that not all phones are capable of installation and regular operation and we did have trouble with some old phones. You’re on the move and despite being able to access an Android device, you cannot install any application on it. A mobile website would come in handy. The mobile version of Indibet is a solution that solves all these problems. You get to use a mobile-friendly website scaled to your device’s display that works amazingly regardless of the screen’s resolution. With the latest in responsive design used, the mobile version of Indibet provides a well-designed UI that scales as per your device’s screen resolution.

Sports wagering on Indibet

If betting in India was like bread, sports betting is the crumb of the loaf. Sports betting, as popular as it is, has made many a bookmaker focus on it. Sports wagering brings excitement to already beloved events. The bookmaker is known for its separate cricket section and various promotions in its sports betting section. High odds and big winnings are what punters are to expect in their odds section. A well-stocked sportsbook covering more than 40 events and 500 leagues worldwide. A must for any sports punter.

Indibet Cricket wagers

If cricket was invented in England, it was perfected in India. Simply calling it popular would be an understatement. Its popularity mirrors the number of cricket wagers placed in any Indian bookmaker. Punters tend to wager on events they are familiar with Indian betting is a reflection of that fact. Betting on cricket on Indibet is facile. Cricket wagers can be placed by:

  1. Open the Indibet platform/app/mobile website from your device of preference.
  2. Navigate to the cricket section of the Indibet platform.
  3. Pick the event of choice.
  4. Select the odds preferred.
  5. Enter the wager amount to be used on the specific bet slip
  6. Click Place Bet to submit the wager.

Offers and promotions for Customers

Nothing beats great promotional schemes. Finding a great bonus scheme is a lot like getting a free dessert. It’s not something that is a must for a great restaurant, but it helps make an impression on new customers. Their new users are eligible for a first deposit bonus of up to 20,000 INR. They also have a cashback in their cricket games and an IPL welcome bonus for the first wager on an IPL fixture.

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Indibet online casino

Indibet has one well-stocked casino section. Wager on games such as roulette, baccarat, slots, poker and blackjack. Andar Bahar, a popular Indian game, is also included in their casino section. Other online games include Sic Bo, War of Bets and Monopoly. Their casino section also has a VIP program with cashback and boosted odds.

Transaction methods integrated into Indibet

Indibet facilitates ease of transactions by integrating several payment methods into its platform. International web-based payment systems such as Skrill and Payoneer are supported. Indibet also supports wire transfers, VISA and MasterCard. Other payment methods such as UPI and Net Banking are well integrated into the platform.

Benefits of utilizing the app

The benefit of using the Indibet application is personalization. The app provides a dedicated means of accessing the Indibet marketplace. The app scales well on all Android devices and its legacy support means it can run on a majority of devices. It also consumes little mobile data and provides a dedicated channel to Indibet.


The Indibet application has been met with mixed reviews overall. Calling it a toned-down android gateway is the best the app can be labelled as. Interactivity declines on the app with features still in development.



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