Personal Information
BornDecember 5, 1985
Height5ft 11in (180 cm)
RoleOpening Batsman
2019 – present

Delhi Capitals (42 and formerly 25)

icon-table Rankin
icon-table Man of the Match
TestODIT20World CupCL
icon-table Career Information
Teams PlayedIndia, Asia XI, India A, India B, India Blue, Indian Board Presidents XI, India Green, India Red, India Seniors, North Zone, Rest of India, Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, Deccan Chargers, India Under-19, Delhi, Mumbai A, Sunrisers Hyderabad
Career Span
icon-table Batting & Fielding Performance
345812315190 v SL753161240.6166.9428040
14514286105143 v AUS17337637245.5593.7969054
World Cup
10100537137 v SA3165953.7094.217001
68663175992 v WI0111915027.92126.3619025
77022248 v CSK0024831.71120.654000
191190255748106* v PBKS24465312234.83126.948201116
icon-table Bowling Performance
5921800/0 v BAN00-2.00-5
6806641/7 v DC0016.508.2512.006

Shikhar Dhawan Profile

Shikhar Dhawan was born on December 5, 1985. From childhood, the boy showed interest in this sport. He himself repeatedly told how he dreamed of becoming famous all over the world. The happy coincidence of circumstances was facilitated by the fact that the boy's parents noticed an interest in sports and decided to give him the opportunity to realize himself in it. First under the constellation of his fortune, he gained superior physique and a unique brain that made him a top-notch athlete.

Then the stars developed successfully again and then the parents decided to choose the right sport for their son. Then the boy got to the talented coaches and teachers who were able to instill in him the spirit of a winner. And only then, hard work over the course of many years made him a world star. As in general, it happens with most outstanding people. A confluence of all sorts of circumstances and well-formed stars that follow hand in hand with talents and hard work, as a rule, are always rewarded with interest. Shikhar Dhawan's age now is 36.

How his career was created and developed

Therefore, one must understand that no matter how aggressive or uncontrollable this player may be, he was able to achieve great results. The date Shikhar Dhawan's birthday is indicated at the beginning of the article. In general, behind this athlete there are a lot of achievements thanks to which he went down in history. Even despite his considerable age, he continued to be in excellent athletic form and demonstrated outstanding results. Such players, not only in India, can be counted on one hand all over the world.

A lot of attention has always been concentrated around him, and not only his sports career but also his personal life aroused interest. Shikhar Dhawan's jersey number is 42. In fact, the fame, the real fame that made him a great value for all Indian sports, only came to him in 2012-13. To be honest, neither the coach nor the audience expected any outstanding results from him at that time. But this young man surprised everyone with a sudden victory and led his team to real triumph. From that moment, after the fight in Mohali, public opinion about him began to seriously change.

But he surpassed the expectations of not only the audience themselves, but also himself. Moreover, at that moment, no one expected that this player would be able to bring the game to a new level and show everyone a level from which Gambhir and Sehwag themselves would be surprised. But, nevertheless, it happened and our Shikhar was able to lead his team to victory, having received the status of one of the most demanded players not only in India, but also on a global scale. Interesting fact: rumors circulate around his personality regarding the fact that he abuses alcohol.

But even that did not stop him from coming to most of the games in which he took part. And at the same time, he does not smoke tobacco, claiming that smoking negatively affects the functioning of the lungs, and therefore can lead to problems in the game. Shikhar Dhawan stats are showing us an excellent performance. On 174 goals, he completed 187 runs. To be honest, at a time when India's sporting reputation was going through hard times, players were a real hope. Many fans immediately began to show interest in this game.

Dhawan itself, meanwhile, did not give up its positions and continued to surpass itself. Shikhar Dhawan instagram has gathered a lot of subscribers. Many critics, by the way, write that this player's career unfolded only against the background of the fact that Gambhir and Sehwag lost their excellent physical shape quite abruptly. Many believe that if these two blocks of Indian sports did not give 27-year-old Dhavan such a head start, then his star would never have been able to light up in the sky. Dhawan IPL salary is $13 Million per year. The coaches immediately noticed the rising star and helped him in every possible way along the path of career growth.

Player showed outstanding results not only in adulthood, since childhood he was fanatical before sports and did not leave the field during training until he honed his skills to the required level. This approach helped him achieve outstanding results in sports. Shikhar Dhawan IPL team gives excellent results. In total, in the entire history of the loan, such cases were registered only 6 times. Not all global players have managed to achieve such results. According to many publications, he is one of the most outstanding players of our time.

How was his childhood and youth formed

Shikhar Dhawan IPL the player became very famous for quite a short period of time. Born into a Punjabi family. Shikhar graduated from high school in the city of Delhi. It should be noted that this player had a very promising start. Of course, later this could not but affect all of his career. The contribution of the coaches cannot be underestimated - in many ways, it was they who were able to lead the boy to success. From the age of 12, he was trained by a talented coach. Perhaps it was under his leadership that it was possible to ensure that the boy became more disciplined and was able to channel his rage in the right direction.

And even being in this position, the boy already began to demonstrate outstanding abilities, which subsequently led him to the fact that the trainers began to pay more attention to him. ​​It should be noted that he is far from being an easy person. Those who have played with him claim that he is quite confident in the match, and even radiates some aggression. In general, he himself is a rather eccentric person and you need to understand that his personality is complex.

What only his mustache symbolizes! It would seem that by twisting them up, he kind of hints to everyone else present that they are not dealing with the most ordinary athlete, but with a strong and self-confident opponent who feels like a real artist on the battlefield, and the bat is like brushes, and each game turns into a work of art. Shikhar Dhawan net worth is $13 Million. Since then, Shikhar himself prefers not to remember this episode, and its fans and coaches understand that he is just a living person and has the same right to error and weakness as everyone else. Many critics have real reason to believe that he would never have been able to make the Indian national team if not for that deafening failure on the part of Sehwag. But age is age and it's time to give way to the young and the best.

Facts about personal life

The famous athlete does not like to talk about his personal life and prefers to keep various facts secret. Well, something is known about him. His wife was Ayesha Mukherjee, but the couple divorced in September 2021, which caused a flurry of emotions from fans in India. Before officially getting married, the couple met for 4 years. Moreover, the parents of Shikhar were categorically against this marriage, she believed that the girl was not a suitable candidate for him. But the young man insisted on his decision and married his girlfriend.

The girl also went in for sports until the moment they met. She was even able to achieve some success in amateur boxing. Perhaps this is what bribed our hero in many ways. They also met in a rather unusual way - through the social network Facebook, through a mutual acquaintance. The player immediately noticed the remarkable appearance of the girl and struck up a conversation with her.

Later, when they got to know each other better, they had an affair. When the relationship reached a new level, the parents of our hero showed obvious dissatisfaction with this relationship. But, be that as it may, our heroes decided to get married and already in this union they had a common son. They met through their mutual friend, whom they saw each other as friends on Facebook. The young man immediately liked the girl, he was intrigued not only by her spectacular appearance, but also by the fire that pushed her in sports. And even despite the big difference in their age, he still fell in love with her without memory, and pretty soon they got married.

Later they became the parents of a wonderful boy who was born into their family in 2014. It can be seen that the divorce for the couple was not entirely painless, because his ex-wife even left messages thinking about this. She shared her thoughts on Instagram. In general, his now ex-wife is quite active in this social network. But loyal fans always stayed in touch and helped to get through difficult times. ​​Their personal life, with bated breath, was probably watched by the whole country. Therefore, for many, the message about their divorce has become a real tragedy. Nevertheless, both partners are now being cheerful and treat this event as a new milestone in their lives. Little is known about how their further relationship developed.

Therefore, some information about the player can be obtained from there. In the rest of the fragments, he tries not to show too many facts from his personal life, so as not to attract undue attention from reporters and not to cause rumors. Looking at their joint photos and judging because of how long they have been together, the parents of the athletes were wrong. It is impossible for me to have even changed their minds regarding this marriage and accepted the girl into their family as their own. He also owns a powerful BMW.

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