Personal Information
BornNovember 5, 1988
Birth PlaceIndia, Delhi
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
RoleTop-order batsman
Batting StyleRight-handed
Bowling StyleRight-arm medium


Annual Income

$2 311 423.03

Cricket Player

Royal Challengers Bangalore - India

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icon-table Man of the Match
TestODIT20World CupCL
icon-table Career Information
Teams PlayedIndia, Asia XI, India A, India Blue, Indian Board Presidents XI, India Red, North Zone, Rest of India, Royal Challengers Bangalore, India Under-19, Delhi, Indians
Career Span
icon-table Batting & Fielding Performance
96162107765254* v SA27278712251.0856.50960132
2542453912169183 v PAK4362114012559.0793.1713201312
World Cup
262641030107 v PAK2691546.8186.7014001
918524321694* v WI0292909152.72138.5642035
1514342484* v NSW02451438.54150.3510010
207199316283113 v PBKS54254621037.39129.9484067
icon-table Bowling Performance
1129.128400/0 v SA00-2.88-11
48106.5166541/15 v SA00166.256.22160.2548
World Cup
3301900/6 v SL00-6.33-3
1224.2019841/13 v ENG0049.508.1336.5012
69.309500/9 v SOM00-10.00-6
2641.5036842/25 v DCH0092.008.7962.7526

Virat Kohli Profile

Virat Kohli's birthday is on November 5, 1988. No one previously could have thought that this plump and mischievous boy would grow into a world-class cricketer. Until a certain age, he was unremarkable. But in early 2008, the U19 Cricket Championship was held in Kuala Lumpur. And oddly enough, it was our Virat who led the team to success. Moreover, what is interesting in the team and in the country as a whole did not immediately accept him. At the moment, the personal capital of Virat Kohli is $2,311,423.03.

The career of this young man developed quite rapidly. The trainers, of course, were immediately able to identify the great talent in the boy. The technique of his game could raise many questions, the fact that he performed on the field in an outstanding way was immediately noticeable. And this talent has grown in front of many thanks to hard work. It cannot be denied that the boy's success was due to many factors - genetic predisposition, choosing the right coaches and tireless work. It was all these facts in the aggregate that brought him to those positions where world sports can now observe him.

The fact is that there were already big names on the Indian gaming scene and it was extremely difficult to surpass these values. And now we imagine a situation where Virat, with his non-standard appearance, and the image of a bad boy, begins to prove that he is much better than most of those who have already managed to climb the podium. On the one hand, this caused a storm of indignation, and on the other hand, it attracted even more attention. At some point, there was even a situation where Virat was treated like an outcast. Well, our funny kid did not die and continued to play as well as before. Virat Kohli age - is 32 years for now.

The first career advancements

There was a stable pair of Tendulkar and Sehwag, then our Virat had no chance of getting into the team. Therefore, he had to look for other ways to move up the career ladder. But the facts cannot be hidden, and rumors immediately began to spread about his style of play, and many capital teams began to show real interest in him. Therefore, we can say that the beginning of the real start of his career came precisely in 2008 in Sri Lanka. Net worth of Virat Kohli per year is $2 311 423.03.

At that time, no one even thought that this young man would grow into a person who would be recognized on a global scale. No one even imagined that the Times magazine would soon include him in the list of hundreds of the most influential people in India. The prejudiced attitude towards him persisted for a long time. During the first years of his career, he met with quite a lot of resistance. Both from the side of their colleagues in the shop, and from the side of investors. At first, no one believed that a world-class player would emerge from him, and everyone attributed his victories to banal luck. But only hard work and a fanatical attitude towards his work allowed him to achieve such great success. Virat Kohli's height is 1.75 m.

Virat Kohli Instagram “virat.kohli” activity is quite high. He already has 156 mln followers. What indicators could drive literally anyone crazy. The boy then became the idol of thousands of players, who made an indelible impression. He was a real nugget who played so zealously and actively that in just a couple of years he turned from a beginner into a real idol. Few players in world history have managed to achieve such success. But no praise is worth the talents of Virat, and we should go further to study his biography in order to understand how outstanding a player he is.

Glory for the national sport

As we noted above, not everyone liked Kohli. He had an atypical enough appearance for a classic Indian teenager. He sometimes behaved like a real bully. But what worried many players and coaches was his brilliant playing style. People often cannot get used to the fact that someone is better than them in their business. Nevertheless, the coaches and owners of sports teams had no choice but to give Virat a place in the teams. This time he was accepted into the national team of the Indian team, where he again showed a high level of his skills. It should be noted that the team was going through hard times then, but Virat managed to return their Faith to themselves. Scoring his first ODI 100 in an impressive run against Sri Lanka in December 2009. Many people remember this game to this day.

One momentous evening they won a victory in Mumbai, and the blow itself became widely known. In creating the platform for the legendary MS Dhoni 91* strike, this strike was decisive. And even despite the euphoria that Virat received from his numerous wins, he still continued to bring victory to all teams in all the matches in which he took part. This is what distinguished him favorably against the background of all other players. He always remained the best, regardless of the circumstances that developed around him. The victory did not intoxicate him, and he clearly did not intend to lose. One got the impression that in his worldview there was no such thing as a loss at all. And yes, he won constantly.

At some point, especially at the beginning of the game, it might seem that for the Australian technique, he lacked skill and dexterity. On bouncing tracks, he kept a very low stance. Perhaps this was the first moment when viewers from both continents began to doubt that he was a rising star. It must be admitted that the technique of his playing aroused admiration and confusion at the same time. On the one hand, she led his teams to victory, and on the other hand, none of the coaches could understand how, with this method of pulling, he was able to do what he did at all. Perhaps this eccentricity played into his hands in many ways. No one had seen such a game before and could not predict how it would turn out for the enemy. The audience was absolutely delighted, because they had never seen anything like it before.

The genius of this player lay in the combination of a unique approach, skill and energy that he put into his own game. It was already beginning to seem that India would lose this match. But after the coach and other team members talked to him during the break, Virat changed both the technique and tactics of his game. Then he began to behave completely differently. He was able to stand up straight, with a more open posture, and kicks from the back are in his repertoire during innings. He managed to rehabilitate himself in the final test of the series. Despite the Indian band having had a disastrous tour, Virat became the real hope that more could not be lost.

A series of rampant breakthroughs

It is not so difficult to remember the succession of this young player. Almost any of his games turned into a real work of art. He won so beautifully and elegantly that each of his matches could be considered an example. When the young man returned to his homeland after a series of victories, fans from India christened him the real king. His playing technique was distinguished by particularly fast hand movements, it seemed that his wrist was reacting to all changes, and thanks to this he was able to achieve outstanding results. He is of course best known as an aggressive batsman. His technique was particularly durable, but it could not be called traditional. But she helped him estimate the distance to the ball much better than other players could do. This gave him an unrivaled advantage over everyone else.

In 2011, a series of performances began in South Africa. Then he spoke on behalf of the Indian team and showed an unprecedented level of skill. This is one of his most outstanding tours, which are still being discussed today. Even children who are taught this sport see hitting as an example. The teachers explain to them, using the example of Kohli's performances in South Africa, how to act correctly in order to lead their team to victory. What is also very characteristic - for the younger generation of players and students, he acts as a real idol, which says a lot. And although it may seem to many that he is completely invulnerable, still some weaknesses in his game were present at some point.

The only drawback or even rather weak point that can be noted in his game is the movement of his legs. But over time, he changed his boots to sleep heavier ones, which later helped him improve his playing technique. Kohli excels at swing bowling, which is late and difficult to choose, but still less harsh than bowling, which is almost unnatural and takes you by surprise. And even despite the fact that in some aspects there are certain questions to the technique of his playing, he still continued to remain in unsurpassed form. The young man continued to actively play sports in order to always be in perfect shape and go to the stadium in order to get victory. And I must admit that he did it very, very well.

Many other players tried to imitate his style of play, well, each of them had a failure. Virata's technique is fully justified only if it is used by him and no one else. Perhaps this is what sets him apart from the rest of the players and allows us to declare that Kohli is a real genius. After all, no one else can repeat what he can do anymore. Virat has a tendency to "run his hands on the ball" next to him, rather than hitting it late in sight (a virtue that distinguishes his compatriot Ajinkyu Rahan).

Personal life

Virat Kohli's wife is Anushka Sharma. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married not so long ago and formed a strong family. This is not to say that everything in their personal life has always evolved flawlessly. The young man was very much in love with his girlfriend, and therefore many fans noticed that he began to get very nervous if she was at the stadium or something began to go wrong in their relationship. At some point, young people even decided to disperse, and then a real scandal formed.

Now very little is known about the details of his personal life. He tries not to highlight to the public and the press what is happening between them and Anushka. This is largely due to the fact that the fans too closely connect his personal life and career success, and he also tries to protect his loved ones from unnecessary public attention. Be that as it may, we have already seen a couple of precedents, so perhaps he is acting in the completely right direction. It is enough just to remember the story of the bullying of Anushka, who was not his wife at that time.

Cricket fans began to ridicule this gap and sent stinging insults and comments to Anushka, who usually said that they were grateful for the fact that she had disappeared from his life and brought them back their favorite athlete. Virat himself was very angry at this behavior of his fans and even made a statement in which he urged everyone to behave with dignity, as he has a deep sense of affection and respect for Anushka. But later the couple got back together. Now they are married and have a common little daughter. The Virat Kohli Twitter account has many followers. It is from there that you can learn about the latest changes in his life - he is active in social networks.

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