Personal Information
Born20 October 1978
Birth PlaceNajafgarh, Delhi
RoleOpening batsman, Right-handed
Bowling StyleRight arm off break

Viru, Nawab of Najafgarh

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icon-table Man of the Match
TestODIT20World CupCL
icon-table Career Information
Teams PlayedIndia, Asia XI, ICC World XI, India A, India B, India Blue, Indian Board Presidents XI, Indian Inv XI, India Seniors, Leicestershire, North Zone, Rest of India, Rest of the World, Wills XI, Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Capitals, India Under-19, Delhi, Haryana, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sachins Blasters, Maratha Arabians, Indian Legends
Career Span
icon-table Batting & Fielding Performance
10418068586319 v SA233212339149.3482.23910
25124598273219 v WI1538113213635.05104.33930
World Cup
22220843175 v BAN231081838.31106.17110
1918039468 v ENG02431621.88145.3820
10410452728122 v CSK21633410627.55155.44340
1211031466 v WYB0337628.54129.7510
icon-table Bowling Performance
91621.5741894405/104 v AUS3147.353.0493.27
146732133853964/6 v BAN8040.135.2645.75
World Cup
932212042/17 v BAN0030.003.7548.00
1102000/20 v AUS00-20.00-
1522.4023562/18 v CSK0039.1610.3622.66
2201800/8 v HOH00-9.00-

Virender Sehwag Profile

Virender Sehwag’s age is 42 years old. The fate of this person was developing in an extraordinary way. We would like to tell our readers how this person came to success, how he could become a world star and how he managed to fall in love with millions of viewers. Below we will talk about how the childhood and youth of this outstanding player went, as well as how he came to world fame and fame. He can rightfully be considered one of the key figures in Indian cricket. Now he is 42 years old and he no longer takes part in big sports. Virender Sehwag net worth in rupees at the moment is 286 crores. But how could he come to such values?

Many people know him as the star of Indian cricket. The fate of this athlete from childhood was very interesting and ambiguous. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, but touch on each period of his life separately. He was repeatedly called the most aggressive player, many teams fought for him to get him into their squad. This is an outstanding athlete behind whose back there are countless victories, records and a wide variety of discoveries. The beginning of his career took place from 1997 to 2006. He was able to establish himself almost immediately as a top-notch player, but in many ways his career did not go as smoothly as he deserved.

How does he hold onto the pitch and what makes him so special?

It must be admitted that his technique is unlike anything we've seen before. Nobody has come across such a technique - neither from among his fans, nor a coach, not a critic. However, he admits that he borrowed a lot of philosophy and movement from Tendulkar when he played in his youth. Even many critics cannot see any similarity in their techniques, so you can often hear how Virender is called unorthodox. A career abroad for him began in a fairly standard way. First, he demonstrated outstanding results in his home country, and then began to attract team leaders from other countries. Many wanted to get an outlandish player to join their team.

It's one thing when a player only plays well against teams at home. And it is quite another matter when a person gets the opportunity to prove himself in the international arena. Our hero lived up to the expectations placed on him. Many outstanding personalities have achieved unprecedented success and heights not only thanks to talent, but also to hard work. Work and fanaticism are two main criteria for success in sports, and not only. And our hero understood this perfectly. He gave all of himself to sports and did not just expect results, but achieved them in spite of all the circumstances. Even when the others did not want to believe in him and saw in him an ordinary freak who tried to break all the rules on the battlefield. Not many people then could see in this boy a future rising star. He had a very zealous character and a unique playing technique.

Therefore, many people simply doubted that he would be able to achieve great success because no one had seen anything like it before. Moreover, the way he steps back in order to free his hands for the throw is technically incorrect. But he himself preferred never to waste his time on the opinion of the crowd and critics, and proved his innocence and skill only by deed. He has never been seen for gross violations against other players and has not violated the fundamental rules of cricket as such. In general, this is an amazing approach - to break all the rules without breaking a single one and come out the winner at the same time.

Childhood and youth

Our hero was born into the family of a grain merchant. It cannot be unequivocally stated that they experienced financial difficulties or were in a difficult situation, but they were never a well-to-do family either. Of course, his parents wanted the boy to be a successful businessman, and if he did not follow in his father's footsteps, then at least he studied to be a lawyer or received some other prestigious profession. But the stars converged in another constellation, and our hero began to show his dislike of learning almost immediately. Since childhood, the boy grew up in love and care, and the whole family was very friendly. There are four children in the family - two boys and two girls. The sisters are older, and his brother is younger. And here's another interesting fact. His father explains his love for cricket by giving his son a toy bat when he was 7 months old. Since then, the child practically did not let go of her.

Moreover, all the facts were for him - studying at Arora Vidya school in Delhi was given to him with great difficulty and he no longer saw his future anywhere except in sports. Successes in school were indeed far from the best, it seemed that the young man was dreaming about sports. Parents did not have to persuade him for a long time and they sent him to training. At first, he was appointed an attacker with a bat, and a well-known athlete named Amar Nath Sharma acted as a coach. He also likes to tell everyone about one very funny and curious fact from his childhood. In 1990, when he was still a boy, during training, he was hit in the face with a ball.

Without malice, it just happens to boys at this age. He then broke his own tooth and his father just got furious when he found out about what had happened and wanted to prohibit the boy from attending training at all. But his mother intervened, who was able to persuade his father and calm his ardor. Our hero continued training. His father was furious and wanted to prohibit sports, but Sehwag's mother persuaded his father to leave the boy alone and allow him to continue training, especially since his school success did not get any better. Virender Sehwag jersey number is 123. And many more note that this player has a rather wayward character.

Some call him overly aggressive, others say that he has an open heart, which allowed him to achieve such great heights in sports. For example, Bob Woolmer (trainer of the Pakistani national team) called him “a sophisticated workaholic”. Even coaches from opposite teams noted the hard work of this player and dreamed that they had such a striker. Over time, he also began to pump his weaknesses, namely, he focused on his legs in order to get rid of obvious weaknesses in his playing technique.

An overview of his abilities as a player

His net worth is $40 Million. And although he has already retired, he continues to follow what is happening on the field and actively comments on it. So, for example, he recently put it to the press. “I will not even give five out of 10 points to the captains of Rishab Pant. ​​In his opinion, it is unacceptable that the team captain made such gross mistakes. If the lead bowler on the team doesn't stand a chance, the calculations will generally go awry. This is the main problem with captaincy. The ball must be focused on this", Sehwag said.

Therefore, if Rishab Pant wants to be a good captain, he should pay attention to even such little things. You can only be a smart captain if you make smart decisions on the pitch. I give the captain three points out of 10 on the ball, ”Sehwag said. Virender Sehwag stats have excellent performance. Nehra blames the slow pace of the ball. While Sehwag criticized Rishab's changes to bowling, former skipper Ashish Nehra criticized Rishab's slow pace in pursuit. He scored 58, not 48 goals. Nera pointed out that Delhi needed a little more precise planning of the chase.

Well, when he went to Pakistan and showed his skill level against the local team, his audience in his home country began to treat him a little differently. Moreover, our hero managed to win the hearts of foreign fans. Many coaches and team leaders wondered how to introduce him to their team. But, as is often the case among Indian players, they do not leave their homeland and try to raise the prestige of their country. This approach is worthy of respect, because it is such people who are driving progress in their homeland. In 2001, many recognized him after defeating Australia in a match that took place in Bangalore.

Some facts from his personal life

Virender Sehwag twitter has a huge following. Like many other famous personalities, he prefers to hide his personal life, so as not to generate excessive interest in it and not to breed empty rumors. But the public knows for sure that his wife's name is Aarti Ahlawat. Their wedding took place in 2004 - then a magnificent celebration was arranged. The advertising campaign was organized by Arun Jaytley, and the event itself was held under the strict cover of the security services. The family is now raising two sons. His Instagram has six and a half million subscribers for which he posts various posts almost daily. In his publications, he shares various information and reflections on various topics.

He talks about sports, jokes, expresses dissatisfaction with some of the things that happen in life. People really like to watch him perform. He posts a lot of photos from his sports past and shares information about what is happening in sports at the moment. Any cricket fan would be interested to see how he shares his thoughts and covers various sporting events. In his Instagram account, he sometimes uploads photos with his family members and also shows photos with his friends from the past. He also acts as the official ambassador of a small betting company that accepts croquet bets. More information about this resource can be found on its instagram page. In general, our heroes stand out for their wonderful sense of humor, which loves to share various news and jokes on their social networks.

He is very proud of his origins and always tries to point out that he is an ethnic Indian. He also tries to lead an active social life. At the moment, he owns one educational institution which he opened in honor of his name. This event was very much awaited and wanted by his father, so our hero decided to open educational institutions in which everyone could receive education, regardless of their status and degree of income. Like many other representatives of his people, he values ​​the opinion of his parents very much and tries to be a source of pride for them. Along with Gautam Gambhir, he has already become a real sports legend. For his people, and for world culture as a whole, he is now an iconic personality. He did not get involved in politics and does not explain his decision in any way.

And although he, like many other great athletes in the past, continues to offer tempting posts, he continues to refuse. Whether this is due to his dislike of formalities and studies or other reasons is unknown. In fact, we see that he continues to lead a rather carefree lifestyle and enjoys every day. Perhaps he simply does not see himself in the image of a deputy and therefore did not even begin to build his career in this direction. He has already made quite a lot of capital during his sports career and has competently located the finances that he received in his entire life yin-yang is now more engaged in social activity. We can only observe how the legends of sports react to the events in modern cricket. He always gives a sober and adequate assessment of what is happening, and therefore it is always pleasant and interesting to follow him.

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