Privacy Policy

Definitions - This is our secure and the only website URL for the IndianBet platform and creators.

IndianBet – The website name for this platform that’s focused on keeping you on the light of local and international sports events, news, and developments.

Visitor – “you”

Us/Our – associated with IndianBet, the owner of this website.

Use of Information

IndianBet may collect and safely store information about visitors leaving their comments. This is meant to ensure our system already recognizes you when adding comments in future. As a result, you won’t need to fill your personal details every time you want to leave a comment.

The information is encrypted and your true name assigned an anonymous representation to protect your privacy.

You can leave comments under reviews with the “comments” section available.

Third Party Disclosure

Any data shared with IndianBet is solely visible and accessible by the website manager. We don’t share your personal information with third parties unless when required by the authorities.

Information Protection

We use modern protection measures including data encryption tools, website SSL security, and a secured database. You are allowed to create, access, edit, and view your account with zero security worries. Do not share your logins with others and remember to contact us soonest possible in case you suspect someone else accessed your account without approval.


As you surf through various resources within our website, we might collect some browser information. That includes browsing history, location, and other details to provide you with a personalized experience. You can block the cookies from the popup appearing at the bottom of each newly opened page.

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