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Michael Butler
📅 13.04.2023
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For any avid gambler, the wide selection of online betting platforms makes simply choosing one a near herculean task. Samraat bet is among the latest such platform that boasts boosted odds and high winnings. They are located in India with a huge chunk of their market being local, though the platform is available to international clients. With the widest selection of online games as well as sports betting and live markets, it is no wonder they have had an explosion of new customers looking to test their luck. But is it all hype? With the lion in their logo, they are no doubt looking to be king of the Indian betting scene. The first impression of the website is a well-designed interface with a familiar but nonetheless excellent black and white themed website that is well organized into different sections. We review Samraat bet, the latest bookmaker to hit the Indian market.


Samraat bet offers high odds and fast payouts. With instant payouts on winning bets, you no longer have to wait until the final whistle to get paid.

It has a registration bonus as well as a boosted winnings on slips with multiple events bonus for its new and regular users. These bonus schemes make the betting experience even more enjoyable for the avid gambler.

Samraat bet has a wide selection of popular Asian betting markets. Their sportsbook is focused on cricket and football which are very popular among Indian gamblers. They also have a wide selection of popular Asian online games such as Teen Patti and Andar-Bahar.

It has a very user friendly interface that is intuitive and well organized. Their user interface is well designed and not at all cluttered. With the platform split into sections, Samraat bet enables the gambler to locate their preferred events and stake accordingly.


Samraat bet’s sports selection does not encompass all leagues. Some sporting events are not always available to stake on. Leagues that are not too popular are not always included in their sports markets.

Customer support is not always available. Due to the recent spike in its user base, it has not yet developed the capacity to address the increased traffic. Their staff are overwhelmed and it is thus sometime impossible to reach them and response time to inquiries is slow.

Their betting platform is geared towards the Asian market. International clients may not be all too familiar with the rules of popular online Indian games.

Samraat bet is prone to crashes and is sometimes unavailable. Due to their large customer base, Samraat bet is not equipped with the necessary resources to handle the increased traffic.

Samraat bet Bonuses and promotions

Samraat bet has a variety of bonus schemes for their customers to make their betting experience even more enjoyable. Alongside their relatively higher odds, they also give boosted winnings for bet slips with multiple bets alongside bonuses for live betting on sports events. Their casino and online games sections comes with bonus turns as well as bonus stake for using in their online games sections. Their slots sections comes with bonus turns as well as free spins in their roulette section. Loyalty is the game as these bonuses are meant to keep the customer on their platform and nowhere else. Their bonuses are some of the highest in the market.

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Samraat bet login

Logging into Smart bet is a very simple task. This however requires an active account. Clicking the login link will redirect you to Samraat bet login page. You will be asked to fill in your login details in the form provided. Fill in your username and password and click on the login button below the form. Should the details provided match the system’s records, you will be logged in and redirected to the home page where you can begin betting on your favorite events and games. Logging in is very straightforward and simple thanks to their very user friendly interface.


Samraat bet online games

Samraat bet is home to the widest selection of online games where bookies can be able to stake on their favorite games. With boosted odds and high winnings, Samraat bet is home to games such as Lucky 7, poker, Baccarat, Teen Patti, Andar-Bahar, slot games, poker and so much more. Samraat bet is a platform made with the Indian market in mind.

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Their wide selection of online games include local favorites such as Andar-Bahar and Teen Patti. These online games have been a hit with the local Indian base and with their large market, this has seen them rise the ranks of online bookmakers in the region. Bonuses, free spins and extra turns are the norm in this platform as they look to be the largest bookmaker in the region.

Samraat bet download app

Samraat bet comes with a mobile application for its android users as an alternative to their web platform for those seeking a more personalized betting experience. The use of the application comes with additional features such as notifications on matches and bets as well as live betting capabilities. The application can be downloaded from the official website of Samraat bet. On the home page, swiping from the left reveals the navigation drawer. At the bottom you will find the download link to get the official Samraat bet application from the website. You will be redirected to a 3rd party website that will contain the apk file. Download the apk file. After downloading, you will need to grant the necessary security permissions to allow the installation to proceed. After running the installation, you can launch the application from your phone’s app drawer. The application carries the same black and white theme that is both aesthetically pleasing and very legible.


Samraat bet provides several methods of contacting their representatives should any problem arise whilst using their platform. They have a hotline available though not toll free. They can also be contacted through the live chat feature built into their web platform and mobile application. Should you be unable to reach them through these cahnnels, you can send them an email and though it may take a while, they eventually solve any problems their customers have. Their representatives are always polite and quick to answer any of their customers’ queries. A significant amount of time was spent by the bookmaker to ensure their customers can reach any of their representatives to quickly resolve any issues to enable them get back to staking and winning.

Payment methods

In order to properly address the needs of its wide range of users, Samraat bet has integrated several financial services to facilitate easy movement of money to and from the platform. For international customers, web based payment methods such as PayPal and Skrill money comes integrated into Samraat bet. Mobile money transfer is also available for Indian customers. Cryptocurrency transfers to wallets is also available for those who find it preferable. The majority of these transfer solutions come at no expense to the customer. Banking solutions are also supported by Samraat Bet with the transactions taking 3-5 business days.



In a manner of speaking, Samraat bet is looking to change the Indian betting landscape. Their focus on popular Indian games and markets is a game changer in the Indian betting scene. Their increased customer base is as a result of the high quality of services they provide. Their bonuses and promotions are meant to create not just a one-time gambler, but a loyal customer base through which they can expand their operations. They look like they are here to stay and are no doubt on the path to being an international betting giant. With very aggressive expansion plans and strategies being employed, their growth has been tremendous and they will soon be a household name in the Indian market.


  • What is Samraat Bet?

    Samraat bet is an online betting platform based in India. It provide sports events, live casino, online games and live betting.

  • Is samraat bet legal for India?

    Yes, Samraat bet is available for all Indian residents. Simply create an account to use the platform.

  • How to log in on samraat bet?

    To log in to the samraat website, you will need to create an account first. If you have an existing account, on their home page, at the top right

  • How to download samraat bet app?

    You can download the official samraat bet app from their website downloads page. Alternatively, you can download their apk file from third party websites like Unfortunately, their app is not available on Google Playstore.


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