Baroda vs Hyderabad Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Baroda (60%)

  • Hyderabad (40)

In the latest round of the Ranji Cup, Baroda host Hyderabad for an exciting afternoon of cricket. Baroda come into the match on a run of improved form winning two of their last five matches. This is an improvement to their previous form and they will be looking for a win as they look to continue improving. Hyderabad has been a team seemingly unstoppable and they come into this match the clear favorites. Baroda have yet to lose to Hyderabad in a competitive match. A win for Baroda here as they host an opponent they have never lost to.

Baroda (60%) vs Hyderabad (40%)

Baroda vs Hyderabad Match preview

In their previous h2h meetings, Baroda have won 100% of all their matches. The sides have met twice before and on both occasions the Baroda squad has been too much for the Hyderabad squad to handle. Both sides have on two out of their last five matches but the Hyderabad squad has shown greater overall consistency in their performance. Hyderabad look like the favourites to win this match but Baroda has an advantage in this matchup. A win for Baroda is predicted here as their opponent has never managed a victory against them.

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