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Basketball is a sport that is winning in terms of international support. The explosion of the game was seen largely due to the great performance displayed by the dream team in the 1992 Olympics. As the game has progressed, so has its global support. The game is widely popular among sports wagers. With the punters coming in large streams, it only seems logical for there to emerge a sports wagering partner offering great predictions. That is what we have here with Today. With the highly popular Philippine basketball league taking some major popularity points off the NBA and Euro league, it is great to say that the sport comes with a very large following in the Indian nation. Find the best predictions on basketball wagers from this amazing website. The application offers some great wager tips but is that all there is to the brand? Find out more as we review the supposed best basketball wager predictions site on the Indian subcontinent.

Top Basketball Leagues

India being where it is Geographical y is blessed to have a very diverse basketball fan base. That being said, there are standout competitions where the talent pool just makes them a spectacle to watch. The NBA is the top-ranked league in the world. It plays host to some of the best players and athletes on the planet. The next ranked league is the European League. This is the basketball league that takes the top teams from the European countries. The third-ranked league is the Chinese Professional League. This is the top division, of the Chinese basketball league. The fourth most popular league is the Philippine basketball league. This is the top flight of the Philippine basketball program. Get a wager tip on these basketball events ASAP today. Not missing out, the fifth-ranked league is the Brazilian basketball league which is the second American league with the rest being Asian and this doesn’t affect the wager tips.

Upcoming events in Basketball

When the calendar hits August, the NBA summer league has about wound up and the pre-season is about to kick off. This marks a very exciting point in the basketball calendar. Getting odds on the upcoming FIBA women’s world cup should be a cinch with the Today website. Odds are a surefire way of getting back into the groove after a nasty losing streak. Odds are from direct wins to even free throw percentage of various players. The FIBA women’s world cup is set to commence in September. When it eventually wounds down, Today gives you some great predictions on the 76th NBA season set to commence in November. As with the Men, their world cup is in 2023 and that has been mainly due to the disruption caused by Covid. That being said, you won’t miss out on winning in any of these major events with Today on your side.

Most played matches for Basketball

Basketball has one of the most demanding loads in terms of both brute strength and stamina. There come great players who show up with heap loads of both who then go on to dominate the stat sheet. The record for the most minutes averaged by a player is 48.5 minutes a season. This is astonishing given that the game is only for 48 minutes but Wilt chamberlain played every minute of every game including one that went into overtime. In terms of longevity, the crown goes to John Stockton who averaged double digits in points and assists for the entirety of his career. But that might change with LeBron going on his 21st season and ranking in both points and assists per game.

Latest Basketball Tips

Basketball is not that simple a game and with so many aspects to it, it now becomes possible to wager on all of these things. Today gives you some great odds on predictions on turnovers as points per game, rebounds, and even steals. The preseason is about to kick off and Today ensures you don’t miss any opportunity to kill the bookie. While the more popular NBA is on a break, Today ensures the other continuing leagues are not left out. Upcoming events from the FIBA world cup to Asian basketball leagues like the highly rated Philippine Basketball league are included in the latest basketball predictions on the application. Another interesting fact is the provider doesn’t just give you predictions from a single market but includes some of the more known ones and some even we had never heard of.

Tips for basketball beginners

As you are about to commence on your wagering journey, being an absolute newbie in a given sporting event can be quite the hassle. That is where Today comes in. Knowing that there are some newbies in the basketball wagering scene, the bookie has aptly created tips for complete beginners to the event. Basketball isn’t too complex a sport to comprehend so the first step any newbie should make, is understanding the rules of the game. Once a firm grasp of the rules of the games has been obtained, then the punter can get to wagering. After knowing the rules and nuances, the punter can then identify some of the markets of interest to them. Today comes up with explanations on the markets as well as providing predictions for the punter’s convenience. Now you don’t have to blindly follow a prediction without comprehending how it plays out in the game. By understanding what they are staking on, the punter will make more informed predictions putting them in a better position to reap some returns from the bookie.

Basketball wagering Tips and Predictions

Today comes with some amazing wagering tips and predictions for its customers' use. For basketball, player performance is key and that, Today knows very well. For punters in the basketball sphere, the safest point is usually the points per game but this is sometimes risky due to factors such as load management and injuries. Another tip for punters is to always wager on an aspect of the game they are very familiar with. Wagering on free throws in the game without understanding the impact of team fouls on the game is bound to end in tears for the punter. Another tip to basketball wagering is always keeping track of news regarding the team of interest. Basketball is a team sport. However, the loss or addition of a single player can potentially change how the team plays drastically. Today keep track of all this and alongside their predictions, you will get a detailed breakdown of events that forced their prediction. Now punters get predictions and don’t have to rely on their own information sources.

Basketball Predictions

Today has some great basketball predictions for its customers. Punters constantly look for an easy route to profit and predictions are one of them. While LeBron or Durant scoring 20 points on a single night is a given, due to the modernization of the game, these statistics are constantly fluctuating. Today uses its wide information channels to get you the most accurate predictions from the game ensuring all their facts are accurate at the point of prediction. You can monitor how, for example, Lithuania will perform in the world cup qualifiers given the emergence of Luka as a franchise player or how a Giannis injury would impact the chances of Greece playing at the Olympics. Today gets all this information for the punter and condenses it to give you a prediction they are confident about.


The NBA is the top flight division of American basketball. It is one of the most popular leagues on the planet with its viewership rivaling all other competitive sports. It is home to some of the greatest players to ever play the game and is the supposed best basketball league in the world. Today gives you predictions on NBA events and matches and with all 30 teams playing at least 80 regular season games, this means plenty of opportunities to make some returns from the bookie. With the pre-season about to kick off following the end of their summer league, Today keeps you up to date with the latest basketball predictions and odds so you won’t miss a single opportunity.


The Euro league is a competitive basketball competition that is held in Europe. The league’s competing teams are selected from the top leagues in the European countries and are the second most popular basketball league in the world following the NBA. As far as games go, Today also has you covered with this league. The service does not leave any stone unturned as it seeks to provide its punters with the best basketball prediction service out there. As per the specifics, you get predictions for wins, points, leading scorers, team fouls, assists and so much more. All a punter needs to do to see the predictions is find their match of interest and choose an odd of their liking.


The NCAA is the college-level division of American Basketball. The league is home to some of the best collegiate-level players in the country who are usually one step shy of playing professionally. With events like March Madness, the association is home to some very competitive rivalries. Today covers the NCAA events and provides predictions to its customers on regular basis. You won’t miss out on any Duke game if you happen to be a fan event their matches with arch-nemesis North Carolina. Nonetheless, Today gives the best predictions and odds on NCAA events in the USA which has a ton of global followers. You cannot get better odds as well as more accurate predictions from any other provider.

Basketball Odds

A newbie who doesn’t comprehend the rules of the game will struggle to understand any market other than the direct win odds. But once you do, Today covers all the major points of the game in its predictions. As the game has developed and other statistics are now being tracked, this has created more markets for the punter’s enjoyment. Wagering on the points could be seen as an easy route to profit but there are cases where injuries lead to blowout wins and losses or in the case where the superstars are undergoing load management forcing them to sit out. Wagers can also be placed on a quarter-to-quarter basis which is advantageous should you be streaming the game and know what is happening in the game. Other basketball odds track player performance and punters can wager on the statistics being tracked such as steals, points, rebounds, blocks, turnovers, and even player efficiency.

How to Bet on Basketball

Basketball is one of those sports that is low-key dominant. Once you as a punter have understood the game and are looking to place a wager on the sport, this is what you should do. The first thing needed is an active session with a licensed bookie. When you have access to an active account, the next step is to locate the event on which you want to wager. This is easily accomplished using the search functionality provided by most bookies. Following this, a selection of your preferred market is the next step. As soon as the selections have been made, the punter can then fill in their stake amount on the slip. Once entered, submit the odds, and if they are valid, the wager will be placed on the account with an active login session.

Basketball In-Play Wagering

Like most major sporting events, the basketball wagers also come with an in-play wagering option. With the game constantly swinging on either side, Today gives you predictions on the game as it is progressing putting you in a better position to make some returns from your stake. With in-play wagering, you can stake on quarters, point-by-point scores, player points, steals, turnovers, team fouls and so much more. And the best part about all of this is how Today will provide predictions for all of these so you don’t have to waste time with a pre-match analysis.

Basketball Live Stream

Basketball is one of those games where unless it is a blowout win, the game could swing in any direction. With teams prone to going on scoring runs at any given point, a game could turn on its head at any point in time. This is where the streaming service comes in handy. Now when you are streaming, you can see whether the franchise player has decided to put the team on his back and score more than 40 points and adjust your wager accordingly. As per the game itself, you can see whether the athletes playing are susceptible to injuries that are known to change the outcome of a game. Today gives punters a reliable streaming service alongside its tips and predictions to ensure all their punters have an equal opportunity to make some returns from their investment with their bookie.


  • How to wager on Basketball?

    If you are looking to wager on basketball, all you need to do is populate a slip with a valid prediction from your market of preference and after filling in the stake amount, the wager will be placed.

  • Which bookmaker offers the best basketball odds?

    When it comes to the best overall odds, the crown goes to 1xBet which has consistently posted higher odds than any competitor on the market.

  • What tips do you do for beginners?

    Coming to any sports events, it is always better to wager on an aspect of the game you are entirely familiar with.