Bengaluru vs Mangalore Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Bengaluru Blasters (45%)

  • Mangalore United (55%)

This week’s Maharaja T20 Trophy competition features another interesting duo as Bengaluru Blasters (BB) and Mangalore United (MU) meet for the first time. Both teams have played twice so far, with Mangalore winning their two games whereas Bengaluru lost one and won the other. It will be an interesting match considering MU is second while BB is currently the third team in the Trophy’s table. Well, the home team has been playing in the Karnataka Premier League where their performance hasn’t been great lately. Although Mangalore has not played in any major league games, their great capabilities has been displayed in the current Maharaja race and in other local games.

Bengaluru vs Mangalore Winning Probabilities

Bengaluru Blasters (45%) vs Mangalore United (55%)

Bengaluru vs Mangalore preview

There is enough data to show Mangalore’s performance in the last few years. However, if local games are anything to go by, we can see it is quite a solid team. Their excellence in the current competition says it all and they will sure fight for a win. Bengaluru vs Mangalore h2h stats prove that this match will be one of the most interesting and entertaining one. Bengaluru will have a chance, given the experience and talent, but their opponents will most likely take the win.

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Match start date: 11/08/2022 15:30