Burnley vs Manchester Utd Football

Our Predict:

  • Burnley (48%)

  • Manchester United (52%)

In the latest round of the English Premier League, Burnley host the Manchester United as they look to overturn their recent bad form. Manchester United come into this match on the back of two consecutive wins in the top flight. They will be looking to make it three in a row as they finally look like they are adapting to the change in coaching staff. Burnley secured a draw against Arsenal in their last meeting and they will be lucky to get any points in this match. A win for the away team.

Burnley(48%) vs Manchester United (52%)

Burnley vs Manchester United Match Preview

In their previous H2H matches, Manchester United have won 80% of matches against Burnley. The red devils have looked like the stronger side as the other 15% of the matches have resulted in the teams sharing points. The Burnley side has won 5% of the matches but only barely. The Manchester squad will be looking to maintain their top four position as they face off against. Burnley. Following the change in coaching staff, the Manchester Squad look set for another easy win. A win for the away team.

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