Cardiff vs Nottingham Football

Our Predict:

  • Cardiff (50%)

  • Nottingham (50%)

Relegation threatened Cardiff face off against the inform, Nottingham Forest. Nottingham forest are in the chase for a playoff position and have now won six out of their last eight Championship matches. Their opponents have had different run of form. Cardiff are now winless in their last five Championship matches with a very poor backline. Their backline now currently have the least amount of first half clean sheets. They will be looking to change their record against the Nottingham side. It will be a difficult match and a draw is most likely.

Cardiff (50%) vs. Nottingham (50%)

Cardiff vs. Nottingham Match Preview

In their last H2H matches, the Cardiff side have won 11 out of their last 15 matches. Despite their terrible form, the Cardiff side are still contenders in this match. Their last matches have been heavily one sided with the home team getting the better of their opponents both at home and away. The Nottingham side are in great form and are clearly aiming for a promotion spot. This will be a close match and will probably end in a goalless draw. This matchup is favoured to the home team but their poor form would make them unable to clinch a win and settle for a draw.

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