India Tour of England, Final round: England vs India 5th Test Prediction

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • England (45%)

  • India (55%)

After the results we witnessed in the previous 4 Test series, more should be expected as we head to the last tour round. It is the ultimate encounter between India and England for this 2021 tour taking place between 10th and 14th September.

India already holds 2 massive wins and a draw, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents. England has only one win, losing two and banking a draw in the interrupted first test.

The Blue Men (India) have proven their running capabilities as their higher run rate helped them overwhelm the Poms two times.

Okay, all didn’t go well for Joe Root’s men and the captain actually regretted England’s missed opportunities.

India (55%) vs England (45%)

India vs England analysis

Should England worry about Bumrah’s ruthlessness in the 4th Test? How about the uncertainty of James Anderson’s fitness as we head to the finale? Definitely yes, their game is marked and missing such a key player would be disastrous.

It is surely a testing time for England who have clearly descended to the underdog’s side so fast. They might have the top talents, skilled cricketers and a good gameplan, but there is always a plot twist whenever they play against India. Virat Kohli’s men seem to have learned the Pom’s weaknesses and able to brutally frustrate England’s effort.

That’s why we believe that the India vs England 5th Test encounter will be coming home with Team India.

The best bet for this final England vs India Test would be for any player to score more than 50 runs throughout the game.