Karnataka vs Puducherry Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Karnataka (35%)

  • Draw (25%)

  • Puducherry (40%)

Karnataka host Puducherry for an exciting round of cricket as they face off for the Ranji cup. The hoe team come into the match unbeaten in their last two matches. They have also shown consistent performance in games never losing two matches in a row in their last ten games. Their opponents have a reversal of fortunes as they seem to only rally together after two consecutive negative performances. The Karnataka squad will come into this match underestimating their opponent. Puducherry will catch them off guard and get a win here. A win for Puducherry.

Karnataka (35%)

Draw (25%)

Puducherry (40%)

Karnataka vs Puducherry Match preview

In their previous H2H matches, Karnataka has won 100% of their meetings. It has been a one-sided affair as the Karnataka side has proven too much for Puducherry to handle. Puducherry come into the match with no recorded win this year. Getting one here will be an uphill task for a team with such terrible form. They have shown the ability to rally and this looks like that time. A win for the away team. With no win recorded this year, the Puducherry squad will undoubtedly rally to steal a win here.

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