Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Capitals Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Kolkata Knight Raiders (58%)

  • Delhi Capitals (42%)

The Kolkata Raiders are set to host the Delhi Capitals for their first leg meeting of the new IPL season. This fixture heavily favours the Raiders who have won it on 58% of the occasion. The Capitals had a run of consecutive wins against the Raiders in recent years but the Raiders have come back to dominating this fixture. The Raiders are the favourites to win this fixture and are among the more formidable sides in the IPL. They will not be satisfied with anything less than maximum points in this fixture. A win for the Raiders is predicted. The Capitals will need to do some work to pull off an upset.

Kolkata Knight Raiders (58%) vs Delhi Capitals (42%)

Kolkata Knight Raiders vs Delhi Capitals Match Preview

In their previous meetings, the Kolkata Knight Raiders have won 58% of their fixtures with the Capitals winning 42% of them. The Delhi Capitals are the underdogs coming into this match, with them being the away team and all, they will need some bit of luck to pull off an upset in this one. A win for the home team is the most likely outcome. The Kolkata Knight Raiders will be leaving nothing to chance in this match as they look to begin their season on a positive note. A win for the home team is predicted here.

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