Lyca Kovai Kings vs Nellai Royal Kings Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our prediction:

  • Lyca Kovai Kings (40%)

  • Nellai Royal Kings (60%)

After losing against Siechem in the TNPL 24th match, Lyca kings now have two losses in a row. That’s, of course, after failing to beat Tiruppur at the end of last month, 31st July. Does that mean Kovai is going through a rough patch? Probably yes – because they should have been the better side in the Tamizhan’s encounter. However, what does that imply on the Lyca Kovai Kings Vs Royal Kings match? It simply means a demoralized Lyca squad will be at the mercy of the currently on-form Nellai boys.

LKK (40%) Vs NRK (60%)

Nellai Royal Kings Preview

Baba Aparajith’s men will meet Kovai Kings on 8th August, 2021, for the 27th league game with their Win-Lose-Draw-Win-Win pattern. They might not appear to be the most distinguishable TNPL squad, but they have shown some class in the previous few encounters. The captain, Baba Aparajith, has been named king of the match twice in consecutive games. Their run rates have also been on a record high creating the urge to see the Lyca Kovai Vs Nellai Royal scorecard. That happened as good player-to-player understanding was portrayed in the partnerships involving Baba (the Nellai Royal Kings captain), Suryaprakash, Ranjan Paul, and Sunjay Yadav, among other Nellai team members. It will be a phenomenal event with the likes of Sunjay Yadav prepared to impress with their sharpness and control.

Lyca Kovai Kings Preview

Do you think Kovai, being the underdog, will succumb to Royal’s pressure? Let’s wait and see that in the Lyca Kovai Kings Vs Nellai Royal Kings live match and statistics. Based on their performance in previous games, Shahrukh Khan’s men might be in real trouble here. However, we have to take note of Lyca’s exceptional run rates. Even in the two lost matches, they always created chances, defended well and completed great runs. Therefore, the Kovai Kings vs Royal Kings match won’t be a walk in the park for either side. The key players to watch from this team include Ajith Ram, Abhishek Tanwar, Shahrukh and Sai. They can have a better chance of claiming the victory if they minimize the conceding rates – which are very high.


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