Nellai Royal Kings vs Dindigul Dragons Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our prediction:

  • Nellai Royal Kings (30%)

  • Dindigul Dragons (70%)

We are heading to yet another TNPL game, the 21st match featuring Nellai Royal Kings Vs Dindigul Dragons. This is a very determinable event involving the first and last ranked teams in the league’s table as of today, 31st July 2021. The action kicks off at 7:30 PM Indian Time on 3rd August, in the Chepauk’s Chidambaram Stadium. Follow the live Nellai Royal vs Dragons match at 1xbet, where there are various in-play analyses and betting resources.

Nellai Royal Kings (30%) vs Dindigul Dragons (70%)

Nellai Royal Kings Vs Dindigul Dragons preview.

As mentioned, this match presents are easy-to-predict scenario because we already have a clear perspective of the underdogs and the better team. Based on head-to-head results of the last 4 Nellai Vs Dindigul matches, the latter side has won three times and only lost once to the opponent. Of course, that does not prove a thing as new squads and partnerships are being deployed in this season. Additionally, we can’t overlook the fact that the Dragons have emerged victorious in three of their previous four games of the current campaign, Tamil Nadu Premier League 2021.

Nellai Royal Kings squad, performance, scorecard, and statistics analysis.

The Royal Kings play Siechem Panthers first before meeting Dindigul. This encounter might influence the Kings’ intensity and motivation on 3rd, depending on whether it will be a win or another blow. That, of course, narrows down to player psychology. They will have a chance if the partnerships of Baba Aparajith, Ranjan Paul, Sanjay Yadav, Indrajith and Suryaprakash are ruthless and clinical in attacks and runs. Unfortunately, these top Nellai Royal Kings players, whose performance was excellent in the 7 Wickets win against the reigning champions, have been too inconsistent. They are getting terrible “run rates” scores and seemingly not doing enough to secure points for the team.

Dindigul Dragons squad, scorecard, form and statistics.

The DD boys have been a solid side so far, registering 3 consecutive wins and one loss in four matches. The Dragons have never been the side Nellai takes points from that easily. That’s why they are our favorites in the Dindigul vs Nellai Royal Kings encounter this coming Tuesday. Already in a playoffs’ qualification position, top 4, there is absolutely no way they can let these two points slip off. They have been showing absolute class courtesy of incredible partnerships involving Arun, Hari Nishaanth, Rajendran Vivek, and Mokit Hariharan.

All Nellai Royal Kings vs Dindigul Dragons Predictions.

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