Punjab Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Punjab Kings (47%)

  • Draw (15%)

  • Royal Challengers (38%)

As another exciting IPL season kicks off, the Punjab Kings will host the Royal Challengers from Bangalore for an exciting match of cricket. This fixture is however not one-sided with the last match going in favour of the challengers. This fixture is always close but the Challengers have struggled to record wins while away. The Kings are the favourites to win this match. A home victory is predicted here. Some luck is needed here for the Challengers to get the better of their opponents considering they are away. The Punjab Kings will take this one on the back of their excellent bowling.


Punjab Kings (47%)

Draw (15%)

Royal Challengers (38%)

Punjab kings vs royal challenger Indians Preview

In their previous H2H matches, the Kings have won 45% of their previous meetings. The Challengers on the other hand have won this fixture on 55% of the occasions. This fixture has never been one-sided and most of the matches could have gone either way. The Kings have shown impressive away form against the Challengers. However, the Challengers have yet to win away since 2018 and getting one here especially at the season start won’t be so easy. A home win is predicted here. The Challengers need some luck to win in this one considering their poor away record at the Punjab Kings.