Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (35%)

  • Mumbai Indians (65%)

IPL is gaining momentum and on 26th September 2021 at 19:30, Royal Challengers Bangalore will be facing Mumbai Indians in Dubai International Cricket Stadium (neutral location). After predominantly winning their number five cup in the IPL, Mumbai Indians will definitely rise against their opponents to defend the cup.

A clash between the two teams has been considered one of the most exciting matches in the Indian Premier League. They have recently played a friendly match in the United Arabs Emirates and are yet to meet again in the most thrilling events of the Indian Premier League. That being said, the match has a lot of interests prompting for the game to be reported live.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (35%) vs Mumbai Indians (65%)

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians head-to-head

These two teams have played more than 25 matches together. Mumbai Indians has 15 wins over their opponents who have 10. However, in between the matches played, there have been several tied events.

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians live streaming

Since the clash is a match of interest, all match live feeds between RBC and MI will be available on the internet. Bookmakers are ready to stream the game on their platforms in regard to where the game will be played. Other channels that will air the game includes;

  1. Star sports,
  2. Gazi,
  3. Willow TV