Tottenham vs Manchester City Football

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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As the season kicks in, the Spurs have fashionably shown their capacity by gaining a superb victory of 1-0 over Man city. This success however came as a shock to many since Harry cane was not in the play. As if that wasn’t enough, it was the first match for Nuno Espirito after Mauricio Pochettino who left for PSG. As usual, the 1st half was predominantly dominated by Man city with 68% possession as 32% for Spurs. A magnificent counterattack from the home team developed immediately after Lloris missed a pass from defending midfielder Fernandinho. The ball gained momentum through the middle of the pitch and after the halfway mark, an incisive cross was delivered to Son who at the moment was opening up hastily. With a lot of brilliance and composure, Son did what a remarkable striker of his class is supposed to do. Cutting towards his left foot, he then pulled in a shot that led to their victory over the defending premier league champions at the beginning of the second half.

On the other side, Manchester City started their match on a bad foot. They controlled most of the game but that made them more vulnerable to their opponent's counter attacks. Spurs however held to their defense and delivered counter-attacks whenever possible. Eventually, using this tactic, they managed to score and hold the win for the rest of the remaining minutes. Starting Grealish and Sterling was not the best idea for Pep as these two players had little time building up their game chemistry. Henderson's performance was also questionable as he showed incompetence over Lucas Moura’s shot which had to be rescued from crossing the line by Gundogan. Either way, we cannot blame him for the goal scored as he was blocked, having not much to do.


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