Tottenham vs Manchester Utd Football

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Recent Premier league reports are that Antonio Conte is coming back to England as the new Tottenham Hotspurs manager. This comes after Spurs 0-3 loss to Manchester United, a game significantly contributing to Nuno Espirito Santo Monday sacking. Nuno had just lost his game at Wolves, a club in which he had created quite a legacy and solidified their Premier League status. However, the former Wanderers manager is not the silverware-oriented kind of manager. That must have inspired Tottenham’s board to make the “let go” decision. As for Saturday’s big match, Oler Gunnar Solskjaer gets to keep his job after falling under pressure when he lost 5-0 to Liverpool in the 9th round.

Tottenham lacked the energy, creativity, and focus in the Tottenham vs Man United game

We have watched slow games before, but the Saturday match had the least involved Tottenham side. You could see they were already distracted while the manager was awkwardly calm despite the embarrassing defeat.

Probably they knew the manager sacking and replacement was underway. But they didn’t show any interest in showing their class. Top talents like Harry Kane and their fast runner, Son, were nowhere to be seen. Tottenham players were all over the pitch, and Man Utd squad landed the best opportunity to redeem themselves and ease some of the Fan’s pressure.

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