Watford vs Liverpool betting tips and match analysis

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • Watford (20%)

  • Liverpool (65%)

  • Draw (15%)

Even after showing their strong will to remain in the topflight football, Watford seems to be in a bad place at the moment. They are finding it tough especially with experienced EPL side. This is the state of affairs at Watford as we head to the Watford vs Liverpool match which looks even easy to predict. Of course, we have to be prepared for a surprise, but we must appreciate that Liverpool is already at the top fighting for a place to be among the EPL title contenders. That’s why there is very low possibility of the Watford vs Liverpool match going any other way.

Watford (20%)

Draw (15%)

Liverpool (65%)

Watford vs Liverpool preview

After promotion to the first league of English football, Watford set off with what seemed like seriousness to remain aboard the greats’ list. However, as we progress further into the league, it is becoming inevitably clear that they might slide back to their previous league by next season. Do we expect the Watford vs Liverpool match to count in the hosts’ plan of bouncing back? Definitely not, the Red are champions and the likes of salah will not go without a goal or two. They have some serious defender, playmakers like alexander at the midfield and an amazing attack led by salah and mane.