India vs New Zealand: Cricket’s Giants Face Off postponed to 2022

Michael Butler
📅 29.09.2021
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India is set to face New Zealand in the latest round of their ODI series. With their recent series postponed due to the Covid pandemic, this series has been a long time in the making.

India Tours New Zealand

India will be facing New Zealand on their home turf with New Zealand being the victor in their previous encounter. They will be playing two test matches and two T20 international matches.

The New Zealand squad will see the replacement of Adam Milne who was an injury replacement. India will be looking to get some revenge having lost their previous matchup by only 32 runs.

Virat Kohli and his men will be looking to draw blood in their latest match-up and will no doubt be a match worth the wait. The two sides have met in 53 matches with India emerging the victor in 17 of those series. With the last time India beat New Zealand in a world cup match in 2003 and their latest encounter ending with New Zealand’s Victory in their match in the 2019 world cup, tempers are sure to flare in their latest encounter.

India Tour of New Zealand: India Vs. New Zealand Match Scheduled

India’s Virat Kohli and his side will be looking to return the previous loss handed to them by the Black Caps in New Zealand. This is to be part of the qualifiers for the World Cup series scheduled to take place later in 2023. The series will consist of two test matches alongside 3 T20 international matches. New Zealand had previously hosted West Indies, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia and England in the last season.

All these teams have been approved for MIQ. This latest encounter will see cricket’s greatest sons face off in a series that will in some extent determine the seeding for the forthcoming Cricket World Cup. New faces alongside veteran presences will collide in an attempt to deliver their sides to Victory. A lot of attention will be paid to their bowling as India’s previous loss by 32 runs indicates that their previous encounter was close and could have swung either direction.

India vs. New Zealand: India tour of New Zealand for Test series

India will tour New Zealand for a five match series that will see them play in two test matches and three T20 international matches. The T20 series will form part of the qualifiers and will determine the seeding for the forthcoming Cricket World Cup. The match will take place over a two month period due to the strict Covid regulations currently in place in New Zealand. This is in order for all visiting players to undergo the mandatory self-quarantine measures that are currently in place in New Zealand. A lot of attention will be on Virat Kohli’s side as they seek to overturn their latest defeat against the Black caps. India has fewer victories while playing in New Zealand and are undoubtedly the underdogs in this matchup with New Zealand being the obvious favorites to win the series.

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