India vs West indies 5th T20I series Match Analysis, game preview, predictions

India vs West indies 5th T20I series Match Analysis, game preview, predictions

Playing on neutral ground, the India squad is set to face off against one of their bitter rivals in the West indies squad. With the game entirely inconsequential, already leading the best of five series at 3-1, there is nothing but pride at stake in this match. Playing on neutral ground might help the West Indies squad save face, but the results speak for themselves. The Indian squad has been the picture of teamwork, combining several upcoming and veteran players in their lineup which aided them in getting past this opponent. As far as things go, the competition has already been won and thus only good sportsmanship is putting both teams on the pitch. The West Indies squad has struggled this series, mostly with their bowling and it won’t be a surprise if the Indian squad opts to bat. Their squad, has struggled to perform as a team and a lot needs to be restructured going forward if they should be eyeing any sort of victory against more organized teams. The Indian squad saw the return of several veteran faces to give their youngsters a boost of confidence while also providing experience to the squad.

India vs West Indies Match preview

India will be playing against bitter rivals the West Indies in their fifth T20I cricket match. India has already won the series as they lead 3-1. That being said, it would be poor sportsmanship to leave the series at that. With their pride at stake, the West Indies squad will surely put their best foot forward. Despite struggling in this series, there have been some moment of brilliance which saw them clinch at least one match in the series. Their star players have been outplayed by the more experienced Indian squad but teamwork has been their Achilles heel this time round. For what they lack in experience, the West Indies squad makes up for it with zest. With Ravi Bishnoi on the hunt for wickets, other bowlers such as Axar Patel and Yadav need to pull up their socks to keep up with the star player. With such an opposition against them in the India Squad, the West Indies squad needs to consolidate some of their better players to stand a chance of emerging victorious here. Regardless, India looks like the favourite to win everything here.

India vs West Indies prediction

If we go by the result of this series, it would be very difficult to imagine West indies as a team that rivals India in matters cricket. As far as the series, India is already the victor, so this final match is more of a mere formality and a show of good sportsmanship. In this series India has already won 3 matches out of five. That being said, in their previous meetings India has emerged victorious in 52% of their previous meetings. Not to be outdone, West Indies has emerged victorious in 46% of their previous meetings. Only two matched have ended in a tied outcome and since they have been playing since 1948, a draw this time round is highly unlikely given the difference between team morale on both sides. A win for the India squad will be the most likely outcome and the series is most likely to end 4-1.

Where is the fifth T20I match between India and West Indies being held?

The match is set to be held in the Broward County Stadium, in Lauderhill Florida, USA, a neutral ground for both teams.

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