Arsenal vs Liverpool Football

Our Predict:

  • Arsenal (30%)

  • Draw (25%)

  • Tottenham (45%)

Liverpool face off against Arsenal as they look to close the gap between them and the City squad. The last encounter between the teams ended in a draw. Liverpool have won their last 10 premier league matches and are on a hot streak. With the league heading to its close, both teams are looking to get all three points from this match. Arsenal are in 5th with a game in hand while Liverpool are in 2nd. Arsenal lack the class to compete against Liverpool and this looks like an easy win for the Liverpool squad. A win for the visitors.



Tottenham (45%)

Arsenal vs Liverpoool Match Preview

In their previous H2H matches, Liverpool have won 90% of their last 10 top flight meetings. Arsenal have struggled to compete against Liverpool’s class and have only managed a draw this season. The Liverpool squad has shown consistency winning their last 8 consecutive premier league matches. Despite their Champion’s league games, Liverpool has shown their depth by consistently performing in all their competitions. This looks like an easy win for the away team and Arsenal will need a little luck to get even a point in this game. A win for the away team.

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