Delhi Capitals vs Rajasthan Royals match analysis

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • Delhi Capitals (55%)

  • Rajasthan Royals (45%)

Another clash between Delhi capitals and Rajasthan Royals has been set to commence on the 25th of September 2021 in Abu Dhabi at Sheikh Zayed Stadium. Being at the top of the table is nonetheless much pressure for Delhi Capitals. This is because the numbers two and three are only two points below and they have tied. Additionally, Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challenger Bangalore have one game in hand making it even more difficult for Delhi Capitals. This however goes without saying, Delhi capitals have no luxury to be defeated in any game for them to ensure that they maintain the India Premier League winning position.

Will Delhi Capitals maintain their position? Who will win in the match between Delhi capitals and Rajasthan royals? Having lost their last two matches consecutively, Rajasthan Royals are eying to scope a win against Delhi capitals. This match will necessarily not be won by wickets but rather runs. Despite the Royals having better batting players like Steve Smith and their strength relying mostly on the batting squad, their squad cannot outshine Delhi capitals.


Delhi Capitals vs Rajasthan Royals previous match expert analysis

On April 2021, Rajasthan royals smashed Delhi capitals winning by 3 wickets. This was a very good start to the season which was seemingly a game-changer as the Royals have just completed their previous season at the bottom of the table.

For Delhi capitals, it will be business as usual. It’s therefore safe for us to play a draw or a win by runs for the Delhi capitals.