West Indies vs England world twenty20 international

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • West Indies (55%)

  • Englan (45%)

This will be another tour for England. This 5 Test series between West Indies and England begins on 28th Saturday, January 2022, at 14:30 am IST. England and West Indies will play three tests then play another 5 T20 international matches. This match is considered critical as it will be the first time the two teams will be battling for the Richards-Botham trophy. The match venue has not yet been agreed upon, but we will be keeping you updated as the events unfold.


Do you think England is going to back another set of trophies and points from the West Indies? This is a critical call to make now as we have witnessed England confidently announcing their 2022 summer tour. This is happening after successfully participating in a series of 2021 tests against rivals India and New Zealand. These successful encounters have encouraged England to anticipate high performance against West Indies.

Most betting companies are nonetheless convinced that West Indies, having the home advantage, will make an easy win. However, the odds will have a slight margin difference making it even more difficult. With that said, our best bet will be placed on the runs considering this is West Indies rely on runs.

West Indies vs England previous match expert analysis

The last test series between England and West Indies took place at Old Trafford cricket ground, where England won by 269 runs over West Indies. However, West Indies are in an excellent position to make a comeback, considering that they will have the home advantage this time around.

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