India vs New Zealand Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • India (50%)

  • New Zealand (50%)

India just made its first breakthrough after many years of being the weaker side against New Zealand. They won the previous India vs New Zealand h2h Twenty20 international game yesterday, 17th November. That comes at a time when majority of the analysts and sportsbooks anticipated a guaranteed New Zealand win. However, the one India victory does not give them the absolute upper hand against the Kiwis. It will of course boost Team India’s morale, but New Zealand will come prepared to make a statement against the side they have beat 80% of the time. The odds on India vs New Zealand results would want to lean towards India, but that’s not safe enough. Thus, it would be advisable to bet on the number of runs.

India (50%) vs New Zealand (50%)

India vs New Zealand preview

New Zealand has been the more consistent side unlike the “Men in Blue” who have occasionally underperformed in crucial matches. Of course, India is among the top-rated sides when it comes to the t20 internationals. However, their failure to beat New Zealand in most games gives us the rough idea that they will struggle to win.

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