USA vs Ireland Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 27.12.2021
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Our Predict:

  • USA (51%)

  • Ireland (49%)

The two countries have only met twice for t2o matches, in 2013 and 2015 respectively. In both cases, Ireland to the lead with over 50 runs and qualified for the Twenty20 International qualification. The upcoming USA vs Ireland cricket match comes nearly half a decade later and things are a little bit different for the two teams. For instance, it is not the 13s and 15s scenario when Ireland’s cricket team had great players and higher rankings on cricket sports billboards. However, this USA Ireland game will be different because they both have been experiencing the worst run of form.

USA (51%) vs Ireland (49%)

USA vs Ireland T20 analysis

Even after factoring in every other competition, these two are still not showing any significant thrive in form. At least the USA side has registered two wins in their previous 5 matches but Ireland only has one win in their last 5 matches. This kind of signifies the home team’s higher winning odds despite their daunted past against Ireland.

USA vs Ireland match details

With the upcoming match highly on the table as Covid19 restrictions are slightly lenient in the United States. Therefore, the fans are eager to see what the USA vs Ireland result will be like:

Match date: 23rd December 2021.

Location: USA.

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