Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Kolkata Knight Raiders (50%)

  • Mumbai Indians (50%)

The Kolkata Knight Raiders are set to host the Mumbai Indians in their first leg meeting of the 2022 IPL season. The Raiders have struggled against the Mumbai Indians and despite winning their last fixture are the underdogs going into this match. The Mumbai side has won the majority of their H2H fixtures and will be looking to get back to winning ways against a very familiar opponent. A win for the Indians is predicted here. The Raiders will have a hard time finding an answer for the Indians’ bowling which has been crucial to their previous victories. A win for the away team is predicted here.


Kolkata Knight Raiders (50%) vs Mumbai Indians (50%)

Kolkata Knight Raiders vs Mumbai Indians Match Preview

In their previous H2H matches, the Kolkata Knight Raiders have won 28% of their fixtures with the Mumbai Indians winning 72%. The Kolkata Raiders have been the weaker opponent in this fixture with the Mumbai Indians dominating them, winning in almost every other fixture. The Mumbai Indians lost their last fixture with the Raiders and will be looking for some payback in this fixture. A win for the Mumbai Indians is predicted here despite being the away team. The Kolkata Knight Raiders will have a hard time putting up a repeat performance that saw them win by 6 wickets. The Mumbai Indians will take this one.

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