Punjab Kings vs Gujarat Titans Cricket

Our Predict:

  • Punjab Kings (70%)

  • Gujarat Titans (30%)

The Punjab Kings will host the Gujarat Titans for the first ever meeting between the two sides. In their debut season, the Titans will face stiff competition from more experienced sides and none fiercer than the Punjab Kings. The Punjab Kings will be looking to get wins early in their season as they are among the favourites to win it all. A win for the home team is the most probable outcome. Experience will come into play as the rookie team faces a veteran team in top form. The Titans need some luck to even manage a draw in this fixture.

Punjab Kings (70%) vs Gujarat Titans (30%)

Punjab Kings vs Gujarat Titans Match Preview

These two sides have never met before in any official competition. The Titans is a newly formed cricket franchise barely a year old and this being their rookie season, they will have a hard time facing more experienced sides. The Titans are away and the Kings will look to use their home advantage to secure all points in this fixture. The Titans will need some luck to get any points in this fixture and is the clear underdog coming into this match. An exciting match will ensue but the end inevitable as the Kings will easily win this one. A win for the home team. Make the right bet in the Dafabet app for this match and win!

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Match start date: 09/04/2022 16:00