Lyca Kovai Kings vs Tiruppur Tamizhans Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our prediction:

  • Lyca Kovai Kings (65%)

  • Tiruppur Tamizhans (35%)

On Saturday, we get to watch the match between the 3rd team, Lyca Kovai Kings, and the 4th placed side, Tiruppur Tamizhans, as of today’s league standings. This game scheduled for 31st July 2021 will be a competition of the great Lyca Kovai runners against a tactical Tamizhans’ side. We currently have Kovai Kings featured ahead of Tiruppur in regards to the form. That’s considering Lyca’s higher run rate (RR).

TNPL 2021 Expert Tip: Lyca Kovai Kings (65%) Vs Tiruppur Tamizhans (35%).

Lyca Kovai Kings performance highlight.

Kovai boys have played three matches this year, winning one, losing one and earning a point from the abandoned match against Salem Spartans. Their loss was against a good side, “Dindigul Dragons”, who took the Kings down by 5 wickets. Actually, the runs made in this match were nearly the same; 11.22 to 10.05 run rates were recorded in that encounter. Interestingly, LKK had managed to beat Ruby Trichy Warriors by eight wickets in an earlier game – even outran them and put up an impressive performance. Therefore, we expect to see the team with a higher run success rate encounter a relatively low RR side in Kovai Vs Tamizhans game.

Tiruppur Tamizhans preview.

The TTs side had quite a wobbly start, losing by 16 runs in their first match against Salem Spartans this year. They have quite a set of skills, but they seem to be hit below the belt when it comes to run rates. That’s considering their most previous match against Nellai Royal Kings, where they won by 3 wickets and outrun the Royals with a significantly slight 0.05 RR difference. Although this win might have boosted their morale, we expect them to be 2nd best in their Lyca Kovai encounter.

Tiruppur Tamizhans Vs Lyca Kovai prediction.

First, it is obvious that Lyca Kovai Kings will be the favorites while Tiruppur Tamizhans take the underdog position. However, cricket is full of surprises, and we have seen the Tamizhans stand up to big opponents, like Nellai Royal Kings, and battle their way to victory. Therefore, we cannot underestimate their potential, but our best bet goes to Kovai Kings. We expect them to outrun Rajkumaar’s side and probably win by several wickets or a decent number of runs (10+ would be okay).

Lyca Kovai and Tiruppur top squad members.

From the Tamizhans side, we will be looking forward to an outstanding performance from batter R Rajkumaar and Maan Bafna whose strike rates are 107 and 98, respectively. S Mohan Prasath will be key to Tiruppur’s bowling side, and the all-rounder R Rajkumaar will offer enough support.

We hope that the stronger side and our favorites, Lyca Kings, will present top batters like Ganga Sridhar Raju and Shahrukh Kan. The bowlers to watch in this Kovai team include the 26 years old Krishnamoorthy Vignesh and T Natarajan.

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