Salem Spartans vs Ruby Trichy Warriors

Michael Butler
📅 22.08.2022
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Our prediction:

  • Salem Spartans (35%)

  • Ruby Trichy Warriors (65%)

The SS vs RTW live match is scheduled to play on 1st August 2021. This marks the Tamil Nadu Premier League 18th 20 over match going down at Chidambaram Stadium here in Chepauk, Chennai. As you prepare to catch the live action, we will provide a detailed preview and the prematch prediction now. Salem Spartans vs Ruby Trichy Warriors scorecard shows the likelihood of a well-disputed game among two big TNPL sides. Spartans are currently a point behind the Warriors and way behind in Net Run Rate. Therefore, today we will see whether the SS team will make up for the RR and possibly take the match.

Salem Spartans (35%) Vs Ruby Trichy Warriors (65%)

Ruby Trichy Warriors vs Salem Spartans TNPL 2021 Preview

They all will have played four matches by Sunday; Ruby Trichy has won two and lost two while Salem Spartans won one, lost one, earned a point from 1 abandoned game, and they will face Dindigul Dragons on 30th July. None of these teams has shown any results’ consistency since the season began. Maybe that’s why cricket is fun to watch – full of surprises and challenging to settle on any outcome 100%.

Ruby Trichy Warriors Statistics and Scorecard

Even with the two losses, RTW boys have never failed to impress in the field. Even with the latest loss to the Dragons, Ruby Trichy’s runs per over, individual runs, run rate and other performance stats prove they were the better team. Their performance against Lyca Kovai was similarly good, but they could not penetrate the Kings’ defense and ended up losing by 8 wickets. Regardless of the wins and losses, we could see the team’s unrelenting fighting spirit. That’s why Ruby Trichy Warriors remains our favorites in the upcoming Ruby Trichy vs Salem Spartan match. Actually, a big win should be possible with top Ruby Trichy Warriors players like Adithya Ganesh, Karunakara and Saravana on the pitch.

Salem Spartans Statistics and Scorecard details

The Spartans are known to have solid partnerships, making up for their average run rates. They have put a decent effort in the last few matches of the season. However, Sarem Spartans have failed to outshine any of their opponents recently. The run rate ratio and strikes have been at par with the opposing side in most encounters. They at times fail to beat their opponents in ball control, leading to the average rating. Fans should look forward to Ashwin, Ferrario, Praanesh, Ravi and other Salem Spartan players’ partnerships bearing positive results.


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