Punjab Kings vs Chennai Super Kings Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 25.07.2022
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Our Predict:

  • Punjab Kings (51%)

  • Chennai Super Kings (49%)

The Punjab Kings are set to host the Chennai Super Kings for their second leg meeting. Chennai are away and, having already lost their first leg meeting, things are looking grim for the team. The Punjab Kings walked away with a win in their opening day fixture, as Chennai won by 54 runs. The Punjab Kings have, in recent matchups, dominated Chennai and will be looking for a repeat performance here. Punjab winning is the most probable outcome in this one.. Chennai need a bit of luck to steal a win here especially after losing their first meeting and playing away. A home win is predicted here.


Punjab Kings (51%) vs Chennai Super Kings (49%)

Punjab Kings vs Chennai Super Kings Match Preview

The Chennai Super Kings have won 60% of their previous fixtures against the home team. The Punjab Kings, on the other hand, have won 40% of those fixtures with the Chennai Kings struggling in their recent matchups. Download the 1xbet mobile app to place the right bet on Punjab King. Losing at home to the Punjab Kings was unprecedented especially in their opening game, but the Chennai Kings will be looking for some positive result here. This won’t be as easy as it sounds, being away and all. A home win is predicted here being the most probable outcome. The Punjab Kings will walk away with this one.

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