Salem Spartans vs Siechem Madurai Panthers Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 14.12.2021
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Our prediction:

  • Salem Spartans (40%)

  • Siechem Madurai Panthers (60%)

The 26th Tamil Nadu Premier League match, features Siechem playing against Salem Spartans tomorrow, 7th August 2021. The Madurai boys got quite unlucky at the end of last month after their meeting with Nellai Royal Kings got abandoned midway – the Panthers were already winning. However, the two points could have zero effect on their current 5th TNLP position. The missing point could not take them past the fourth team, Dindigul Dragons, because they lag in average run rate. This is more of a playoff determiner for the Panthers’ side as they are only one point behind the 4th team, and winning the Salem Spartans Vs Siechem Madurai Panthers could take them to a top-3 position.

Salem Spartans (40) Vs Siechem Madurai Panthers (60%).

Salem Spartans preview

Do you think Daryl Ferrario, Salem’s Captain, and his men will pose a real threat to Chaturved’s side? Probably not – they have been on a losing streak which they haven’t recovered from and don’t seem to comeback soon. Salem Spartans might blame their poor performance on the strong opponents they faced in the last four matches (and lost in all), but they didn’t make any worthwhile effort. Yes, they could have been restrained, but having no player with more than 50 runs in each of the encounters has quality issues written all over. Of course, we have Akshay Srinivasan, Vijay Shankar, Ganeshan, Abishiek and Moorthi to turn the table. However, that’s not happening if they keep conceding and being sluggish.

Siechem Madurai Panthers, 2021 TNPL preview

Now, what becomes of Siechem after narrowly losing to Chepauk Super Gillies the other day? As a matter of fact, they haven’t enjoyed the best run either, hence, equally vulnerable like their opponents. Having only two wins from their last 6 TNPL matches proves it all, but don’t mistake them for a weak side. The captain of Madurai Super Giant players, NS Chaturved, and other players have occasionally dominated the game with more possession/control and productive strikes. When it comes to partnerships, they have Arun Karthik, Gowtham, Praveen Kumar and the captain taking care of quality performances. They can run, control the game and dictate matters in the field like pros. That’s why the Panthers are more of the apparent “better team” in the Salem Spartans vs Siechem Madurai Panthers game.


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