South Africa vs India Cricket

Our Predict:

  • South Africa (48%)

  • India (52%)

We get to witness more international cricket action when South Africa faces off against India at Boland Park in January. The match was scheduled for January 19th but has been postponed to an unknown date. The two teams recently played in three tests where South Africa emerged on top with 2 wins against their opponents. Both sides will be coming to the next match looking to secure a win. India will be looking to bounce back to winning ways following two consecutive losses against the same opponents. South Africa will also look to extend their great form of win streaks. This match, like the previous three, could go either way and we can only wait to witness the outcome.

South Africa (48%) vs. India (52%)

South Africa vs. India Match Preview

India managed to win the first test but South Africa made sure to return the favor in the second and third tests. In the 1xbet app, you can bet on the winner of this match. India is considered as favorite to come out on top of this match after two disappointing defeats but South Africa has proved a difficult opponent to overcome, going by recent outings. All eyes are on this much-anticipated fixture.

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