South Africa vs India Cricket

Michael Butler
📅 25.07.2022
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Our Predict:

  • South Africa (51%)

  • India (49%)

As Team India plans to visit their main African challengers, South Africa, they are likely to play without their vice-captain, Rohit Sharma. This changes the whole India being the guaranteed favorites because Rohit has made over 100 runs in a single inning of two different matches only in 2021. Additionally, India have not won a Test series match away at South Africa. With several ODI and Test matches to be played during the SA tour, India could come out as the second-best in some of them.

South Africa (51%) vs India (49%)

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SA v IND match details

The test games will start on 26th December 2021, as Test 3 of 3 plays out between 11th and 15th of January 2022. India cricket team will have to quarantine for three days before setting off to the anticipated tour. The latest India vs South Africa news are heartbreaking for the visitors as Rohit seems unfit for the encounter. Similarly, Virat Kohli, India’s cricket captain, is also likely to miss the ODI matches which will follow immediately after the 5-day tests are over. Without their top batsman and one of the best runners in the squad, India fans and team should be prepared for a difficult time in SA. So, we just need to lower our high expectations of India taking South Africa comfortably.

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